Do’s And Don’ts For An Effective Resume

While applying for a job we often ignore many vital points. A resume is your opportunity to create an impact on the employer, trigger a response from him, and compel him to call you for an interview. Be it an analyst resume, teacher resume or management resume, financial analyst resume you have to keep certain important points in mind.
You can browse through some of the sample resumes (sample analyst resume, sample management resume, etc) to get an idea of how an effective resume could be written. 
Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts that will assist you in avoiding common mistakes associated with resume making.
Make sure the points you enumerate are easy to understand. The language used and the format used should be simple too. Use correct, unambiguous sentences and avoid elaborating. The HR is too busy to go through the details, so be precise and short.
Keep the length of the resume short. Your resume should be 2 paged and only if you need to justify your experience stretch it to 3 pages.
Stress on your achievements and skills that you used to accomplish your goals and progress. Quantify your accomplishments like profits increased in percent terms. Did you save resources of the organization you worked with and how?
Your resume should reflect that you are maneuvering your career to achieve your career goals. If you are changing your career, stress what skills you possess to justify the new career goals.
Neatness is appreciated. A well structured resume with bullet points and bold fonts where necessary is easy to read. Get good prints of your resume.
Do not attach your photograph. 
If you plan to include personal references, do not include them. A potential employer seeks references only if he or she is sure about hiring you. At that time, you can provide the references when asked for. 
Do not mention your salary history or reasons for leaving the previous jobs. Exclude any discussions about your hobbies like musical instruments, sports etc. 
Avoid odd size papers to print your resume and do not use loud colors 8 ? x 11 inch paper, white, beige or buff color is appropriate. 
Do not include references that are not related to your professional life and do not match your career goals. 
Last, but not the least, do not have any unreasonable expectations of the response to your resume. The HR will not hire you only based on your resume. A resume can generate an interview but not crack the interview. You need to reflect the claims of your resume.

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