Article Writing For Beginners – Problem Solving

Article writing solutions:
Problem solving – a good way to write a popular article is to find a common problem your target audience needs to solve. Write about the problem and let your reader know you are going to share with them the solution.
Article writing stories:
If you personally have experienced this same problem and solved it, write about it. Tell your reader your story without making to much of the article about you.
Stay focused on the problem and the solution. If your reader wants to know more about you they can go to your website.
Know your target audience, for example if you are writing an article about teenage acne. You know your target audience. Write to them as if you were talking to them directly. Let them know you have the solution to their problem, and if they keep reading they too will find the answer to their problem.
Let’s take a minute to stay focused, As an article writing beginner it is a good idea to follow a step by step format.
We identified the problem we wish to write about.
We have let our reader know that we too may have experienced the same problem and we have the solution. However we are not going to share it just yet, we want to keep their interest, and keep them reading.
You must know what you want this article to accomplish. For example: do you want the reader to go to your website and hopefully purchase a product or service. Do you want the reader to go to your website and subscribe to your newsletter. Once you know what you want the reader to do you can then write your article to try to get them to do it.
People enjoy reading articles that can help them easily solve a problem. They are not going to be interested in reading that there is no easy solution to their problem. They want a simple step by step answer to help them. For example: “Three steps to writing a great article”. “Three secrets to a happy relationship”. “How to fix a flat tire in four easy steps”.
People like examples:
One of the best ways I know to get a point across is to give an example. Let the reader see that you know the problem and you know the solution. You have the solution and they will benefit from the information, product, or service that you are writing about.
You article is not a sales page that will turn off you reader. If you are trying to sell them on going to your website do it at the end of you article. In your resource box, or as some article directories call it your Bio box.
What is the Resource (Bio) box.
In brief it is your only place to place a link to your website. How you get them to click on your website link is up to you.
There a several methods. I try to avoid saying this article is over go away. As crazy as that sounds that is exactly what some article writing beginners do. They write a good interesting article and before they get to the only place they can advertise their website they write something like: “In conclusion”, or “In closing”, or “As this article is coming to a close”.
They are telling the reader its over, there is no reason for you to keep reading.
That’s the last thing you want to do. You worked hard to get them to this point don’t let them go now!

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