Rules for authors

For authors

Some brief and summary rules to respect in the editing of articles

  1. The articles (and/or critiques and/or press releases) cannot contain pornographic material, and they must respect the legislation in force without injuring the dignity and other people’s ethic.
  2. The articles must be original and written of your own. Contents already present on other sites won’t be published.
  3. The writings must be informative, useful, detailed and written with a correct grammar. The title, the summary and the text are obligatory, the fields “notes about the author” and “keywords” are optional. You can insert some links, without exaggerating, but not those related to programs of affiliation.
  4. The length of an article or a critique has to be at least of 500 words. For press release there’s no limit.
  5. The articles don’t have to be too promotional, advertising, and inserted with the clear purpose to get links toward your site, etc.
  6. You could insert only one link per article using only the url of linked resource as anchor text, without linking adult sites, gambling, and affiliations.
  7. It is not possible to insert the same article more times.
  8. The editor may edit or remove the articles.

The articles that don’t respect the rules will be rejected without warning obligation.

How to get the maximum from your own job

It’s not necessary to be Shakespeare to produce some good contents…

What that matters is the substance: information, data or simple reflections, if correctly exposed, they produce some good results. Develop the argument in the best of the ways, if you have some data or some facts to tell, write them immediately and then insert your evaluations about them, so to capture immediately the attention of the reader. Be exhaustive and explain the argument better than you can. This will produce benefits even for a long time, making know and appreciate you as a writer.


But also the aspect has its own function:  articles without bold types, italics and underlined, made by a single paragraph, they often result hard to read. So you better format your texts making them more dynamic, create more paragraphs and use imagines, if you can.


In other words: put yourself in reader’s shoes and give him what he’s looking for!!


For more information, advices or for any other necessity, you may contact us by using the appropriate form.

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