Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Empowers Websites with eCommerce and Mobile Apps

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge provides a set of modules for your websites and web-based applications. It includes a search function, forums, a media player, advertising modules, a photo gallery and social networking functions amongst others. This solution provides the highest degree of flexibility for web development. The is also a detailed documentation included which makes it easier and quicker than ever to create a solid and reliable system.

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge uses InfoBlocks™ technology, adding more flexibility to the web development process. It lets you process, store and publish data in a well-structured manner for extra convenience and reliability. You can use these feature to create fully customized web applications quickly.

.NET development has been around for quite some time now, and it is very much a proven medium for producing web-based applications. This also reduces the learning curve, minimizing the amount of coding needed in the vast majority of cases.

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge provides open and extendable architecture, ensuring as much openness and customization as possible for developing your web applications. They can then be integrated effortlessly with third-party business solutions. Centralized management for even the most complex and largest of multiple-site environments is also possible.

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge provides an extensive set of web templates to work from, greatly speeding up the process of getting your site up and running and designed to a high-quality, professional standard. It’s ideal for many types of websites, such as online shops, social networking sites, product showcases or any corporate website.

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge will also automatically deploy third-party software as required, such as SQL Express, Ajax and the .NET framework. The solution also provides an integrated firewall to protect your sites against attacks from hackers and malicious software. The latest product updates are automatically and painlessly delivered too.

In the days of world-wide Internet with hundreds of different languages being used in the virtual world, UTF-8 support is also included to provide multilingual support.

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge has modest system requirements as well. It will also work with legacy operating systems such as Windows XP, which millions of people all of the world still use. It supports the free Microsoft SQL Express database software as well and compatibility with an enormous range of browsers, both current and old, is also supported.

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge greatly shortens the time it takes you to design your websites and get them on the web thanks to the possibility of automating various routine processes throughout production. It uses the latest ASP.NET coding techniques to achieve this.

Your visitors and customers will undoubtedly enjoy the user-friendly and productive web applications that you can provide by using Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge. No special knowledge is required to manage the web applications either.

The source code provides an open API and hybrid licensing model, allowing you to overcome the vendor lock-in issue experienced with a great deal of commercial software. This way, you can become the true owner of your Internet applications and protect your intellectual rights.

Bitrix ASP.NET CMS Forge is the only ASP.NET development framework so far to get the Windows Server 2008 R2 certification. This confirms the high performance, reliability and compatibility of the software.

A lifetime license costs $990, including a year of excellent technical support. Learn more at .

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