LeaderTask – personal organizer for top managers

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  • September 23, 2011

LeaderTask – personal organizer for top managers.

Company management is complicated and important work that requires a lot of effort and constant concentration. The head of a company should always know about what is going on and be in the right place in the right time. The number of current tasks that require immediate completion or attention sometimes exceeds all acceptable limits of a human mind. That is why it is necessary to have assistants not only among people (for example, a secretary or a deputy), but also among things with artificial intelligence. For instance, the LeaderTask personal organizer will always remind you about an upcoming event, provide all the necessary information about a project or a customer, store and help to organize data and protect the director from drowning in the ocean of everyday tasks and routine.

personal organizer for top managers

1. Contacts

A top manager has to communicate with a lot of people throughout a day. There are employees, customers, suppliers. Since the range of the company’s activity extends, the number of contacts grows, sometimes even at a greater rate. In order to manage this constantly growing range of contacts easily and quickly, the LeaderTask planning software offers the “Contacts” library that makes it possible to structure not only all contact data you have, but also additional information in the form of notes and files.

2. Categories

According to the economic theory, the key word in the work of a company manager is the word “manage”. But in real life this word is split into a lot of components, such as “call”, “meet”, “sign”, etc. To achieve maximum efficiency, it is necessary to group activities and tasks by these components. The “Planning” tab in the LeaderTask scheduler is exactly for that purpose. That is where top managers can create the list of contexts typical of their occupation and instantly group tasks by particular categories, which will allow them to filter the list of their current tasks by these contexts.

3. Projects

The head of a company is responsible for everything the company’s employees do. That is why it is necessary to control all current and future projects that are implemented in the process of the company’s activity and pay attention to all routine issues, even unimportant ones. For the constant project and activity management, LeaderTask – personal organizer for top managers offers the “Projects” tab and library that can be used to sort current tasks by particular activities. As a result, it will take a couple of seconds to highlight only the tasks related to a particular activity in the list of current tasks.

personal organizer for top managers

4. Priorities

It should be mentioned once again that the director of an organization does a lot of various tasks throughout a day. Of course, each task that requires personal attention from the head of a company already has high priority by default. Nevertheless, the director has to revise the list of tasks several times a day and determine what is the most important, urgent or just relevant at the moment. Not to keep all that in mind, there is a special feature in the LeaderTask planning software for settings priorities and it will visually highlight the importance or urgency of tasks and also sort them into a hierarchic list of tasks by the same criteria.

5. Statuses

In the position of a top manager, it often happens that it is impossible to perform a certain task at the moment for some external or internal reasons. In this case, tasks are put on hold or completely canceled. To identify such tasks in the task list, the LeaderTask personal organizer has a built-in set of statuses. Besides, the program makes it possible to create a list of additional statuses that can be used for nonstandard situations or just to highlight a task in a particular way.

6. Filters

If top managers use the LeaderTask business planning software on a regular basis to plan their working hours by grouping tasks into categories and projects and setting statuses and priorities for them, linking them to particular contacts, they can quickly filter their lists of tasks by certain categories. The indisputable advantage of this business planning software is filtering by multiple criteria and also the possibility to save complex queries for future use.

Taking into account all the above, we can draw the conclusion that the LeaderTask business planning software is an excellent assistant for anyone in charge. Working with this program, top managers in a company can unload their everyday duties, free their mind from the necessity to constantly remember about all current issues and increase the efficiency of their performance due to clear, detailed and visual planning.

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