How to Securely Wipe Private Data with [email protected] KillDisk .

Few people think twice before selling or donating their old computers or other data-bearing devices. However, if you intend for your computer to end up in someone else’s hands, you’ll probably want to make doubly certain that there is no personal or financial information remaining on the hard drive or any other storage devices. Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that simply deleting a file or folder or formatting a hard disc destroys the original data. Instead, it remains hidden in the file system until something else overwrites it, but that can take a long time. In other words, until you take extra steps to overwrite the original data, someone can still recover it using the right software. The same applies if you simply delete your user account or reinstall Windows. These steps do not guarantee that the data will be completely unrecoverable.

Secure Data Deletion Made Easy

Do you want to securely delete data so that no one can ever retrieve it, no matter what methods of data recovery they try? If you’re selling or donating an old computer, then it’s highly advisable that you use an appropriate solution to ensure that old data is securely wiped. That’s where [email protected] KillDisk comes in. This solution ensures that all deleted data will stay deleted and will never be recoverable by even the world’s most powerful computer forensics software. Whether you want to safely purge data on a hard drive, solid state drive, external flash drive or memory card, [email protected] KillDisk provides full support for any device formatted using either the NTFS or FAT file systems natively supported by Windows. The latest edition also adds support for Linux/Unix XFS and JFS file systems.

How Does [email protected] KillDisk Work?

Securely deleting data isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Nonetheless, Windows and most other operating systems do not provide any native functionality for securely wiping a hard drive or other storage device. The process of secure data deletion involves overwriting the original data entirely, thus physically destroying the data on the drive. For additional security, you can use multiple passes to overwrite the original data with zeros multiple times, although this typically isn’t necessary. [email protected] KillDisk makes certain that the original data is gone for good instead of having to scrap the disc or encrypt it, thus making it unusable to anyone else. As such, this method allows you to sell the drive with the computer or give it away instead of having to waste it by physically destroying or discarding it.

Meeting Industrial Security Standards

[email protected] KillDisk is the product of years of research and development by one of the world’s leading developers of digital forensics software. As such, it can boast industrial levels of quality and functionality, making it an ideal choice for both home and business users. It also provides multiple erasure methods, with the latest version adding the Australian ISM-6.2.92 method. There are also numerous small improvements, tweaks and bug fixes to ensure a more user-friendly experience than ever before. Get started today by visiting

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