Effective Tools You Need To Keep Your Portfolio

In today’s competitive copywriter’s market, it is imperative to have a high-quality copywriter portfolio, if you are serious about maintaining continuous success as a profitable writer. Understanding how much to charge for what you do, is just as important as making your client understand what you write and how you write.
While it is essential to show off your best work, a well-rounded portfolio will be more advantageous to finding better and more enjoyable work.
Always present your best work in your portfolio
Marketing yourself well means promoting the best work you have done in the different fields of writing you have worked in. Showing your diversity as a writer allows the client to understand the wide range and ability you have in being creative for them. A little of the best work you have created is better than a heavy portfolio showing all the work you have done.
Focus and tailor your portfolio to the client
While it is important to show your prospective client your best work, if you understand the line of their work, and the needs they have of you, attempt to tailor your portfolio to them. Pushing emphasis on specific work you have done, for other clients, that falls in line with their needs is a way to promote yourself specifically for what they are looking for.
Do not spend too much energy wasting their time looking at work of yours that has no relevance to what they need.
Make your portfolio available off-line and online
Though just a few short years ago most copywriters had only a hard copy of their portfolios, today’s market requires that you also have an online presence. Your online profile can be either in the form of a blog or a website, and should look as professional as the work you are presenting in hard copy.
The same rules used for your hardcopy portfolio should also apply for your online presence, and you should only show examples of your best creative work.
Constantly update and maintain your copywriting portfolio
Though you may have done your best work years ago, you are attempting to find work in the current market. Someone ready to hire a copywriter needs to know you are in demand in today’s market. Even if you have no recent work to show, freshen up any past work to make it current.
Remember that your portfolio is a direct reflection of who you are, what your experiences have been and what you can do with the resources accessible to you.

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