Your Work Is Being Stolen And You Are Completely Unaware

I have posted my work on various websites throughout the internet, which has provided the opportunity for my work to be republished again to other sites; exposing my work to a much larger audience. For this I am eternally grateful.
As I explore the internet, I am shocked at the amount of plagiarism and copyright infringement that is blatantly evident. Why anyone would steal the hard work of others, make a few changes, and claim the work as their own is incomprehensible.
I have confirmed many of my articles were changed and published under another name. Additionally, after finding two sites where one of my articles was stolen and republished, I began to notice there were many articles written by authors who published on the same websites as I post, that have been changed and reposted under a different name. This is not specific to a particular site, it is prevalent throughout the internet.
Obviously, this is very disturbing. I immediately requested the articles be removed or published on the site as originally published giving author credit and providing the article source.
All the plagiarized articles were quickly removed by the site administrators.
The quality of the work published on my websites is apparently highly desirable to people who are in the market of stealing the work of others. I believe a very high percentage of authors are unaware their work is being stolen. On one single site, in about an hour I found 7 works by original authors republished as the original work of another person claiming the article as their own.
These people will make a small change to the title and more common, change several words in the article that usually make no sense, and then repost as their work. Changing the title makes it more difficult to spot the theft, but they are still very similar to the original title, and if the article is viewed, it is easy to spot the work is not theirs…it is yours!
An example is one of my works stolen. I include only one paragraph, but you can see what I am referring.
My original article:
A Poetic View Of War
Sensibility dictates, it matters not the definition, reason, or explanation of war. The determining factor often lies in the availability of personnel, economic wealth, industrial strength, and natural resources necessary to conduct war. Wars are fought more often for natural resources than with natural resources. Those who have not want, those who have, want more, therefore war.
What was claimed as the work of another:
A Poetic Opinion of War
Sensibility dictates, positive matters not the definition, reason, or spring of set-to. The vital point usually lies hold the availability of personnel, economic wealth, industrial strength, again usual green stuff capital to pipe fisticuffs. Wars are fought additional ofttimes being standard wad than curtain stock payment. Those who accredit not want, those who have, wanting more, therefrom conflict.
As you can see, the changes are nonsense and make no sense, yet by comparing the two paragraphs; you can see they are the same, further comparing the entire article leaves no doubt. Why they do this is just too stupid and defies logic.
This is going on all over the internet. Google a few of your articles and click on titles similar to yours. Often, you may find your work has been stolen, horribly changed and republished as someone else’s work. It is up to you to waste your valuable time to have your unauthorized articles removed.
My wish, this article reaches every author writing articles and poetry on the internet; warning their work is not safe from predators hawking your work as theirs.
Author Note. Every website accepting articles for publication should publish a warning to authors their work may be plagiarized and published as the work of another. To protect themselves, it is the authors responsibility to search the web for their work and check any other work with a similar or same title.
No matter what you write, someone will love it.

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