3 Places To Find Article Writing Work

There are a variety of places that a person that is looking for freelance editing and job in article writing can go and find options that pay. You don’t always have to rely on blogging on your own either, you can generate a great deal of success through a few sites, and knowing which ones pay the most can be quite important. However, if you’re looking to construct a living online you’ll have to look at one of the following options, at least as a reference point.
craigslist – Believe it or not, the mighty classified’s site is far more than just a place to find a date or a fling, it’s a location that will allow you to find all sorts of writing work both technical and non-technical. If you can be a fast scribe, and adhere to the formula of online rhetoric, you’ll end up making a lot of money over time.

Guest Blogging – If you read a lot of different blogs, many will pay you to jump in and write or at least link back to your site. Job in article writing is widely available on blogs of all types, and if you read a lot of great things, you can become a known expert and generate some high quality income and traffic to your personal sites.

Article Farms – There are several websites online that pay for content, and while they don’t pay a lot of money, they often times pay residual income based on traffic. If you can write fast, and are willing to get paid less than minimum wage at times, but can master the art form, you’ll receive residual income from ad sharing and at times get hired by private users to write content for their websites.
The point of all of this is to be prolific. You can’t go anywhere if you’re not continually scribing new articles. If you run out of ideas, get a newspaper and start writing opinion pieces on everything that catches your eye. The world is full of new stories, and interesting points of view, so why not throw your opinion into the fray? Before you can make money with job in article writing, you have to first practice and practice for a great deal of time. If you commit yourself to the discipline, in time you’ll be a hot commodity and can make a living at what most people simply dream about it; writing.

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