Why Article Writing Is Just Like Making A Cracking Cuppa

Have you ever thought about how writing good, solid SEO articles is a little like making a cup of tea? You haven’t? Well, perhaps that’s just me, and I freely admit that I’m a tea-aholic, downing around a dozen cuppas a day. But whilst making my brew it occurred to me just what the similarities are between creating rock solid search engine optimised articles and making a great cup of tea.
First of all, I find a cup. Clearly it’s important to know what I’m going to pour my cup of tea into. It’s the same with writing articles, because before I begin writing my article I think about where I’m going to put it. Is it a blog post, an article for one of the elite article directories or one that I’ll slosh across a whole mugful of directories? Knowing where you’re putting it helps, as it may have an impact on who your likely audience is.
Then there’s the boiling of the water. You can’t hurry this – it’s something that just has to happen. Boiling water doesn’t just come out of a tap (almost, but trying to make a good cup of tea using the hot tap is plain vile). The water has to bubble away, just as with writing articles. The ideas, purpose, focus, title and structure of the article don’t usually just appear instantly, and sadly there’s no tap in a writer’s head that can be turned on at will, and from which an endless abundance of great ideas will pour forth. Thinking about an article is like waiting for the water to hit boiling point. And then you’re ready.
Next it’s the milk and tea bag. Add sugar if you like. Which I don’t. So I don’t. But this preparation of getting things set up and in the right order helps. Otherwise you just end up with hot water, which isn’t brilliant. The same is true for article writing, where it helps to set up your document by adding things such as a title, summary and making one or two notes about the structure of your article. Failing to do this could result in a very weak article, which could land you in hot water.
Once the water is added, it’s time to wait. Brewing is something you can’t hurry either, but it’s good to know that you’re pretty well done, and you have a good cuppa to look forward to. With article writing, once you’ve written it and published it, you just have to wait for the results. If it’s a great article that has a catchy, appealing title and is written well, people will respond, traffic will come your way and you’ll reap the rewards of your preparation and patience.
But where article writing beats making a cuppa is the fact that you don’t have any washing up to do afterwards, and no squishy tea bags to dispose of. Apart from that, writing great quality SEO articles is very much like making a good cup of tea. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go and write another cup.

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