How Not To Go Out of Business in Crisis

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  • Febbraio 12, 2009

The economy crisis of 2008-2009 made many small and medium companies go out of business. According to CSF report, 458 000 small and medium companies were closed. To avoid bankruptcy many offices have to cut expenses.

Many offices migrate to free software. The most well-known example is solutions instead of expensive Microsoft software.

OpenOffice tools developed by Sun StarOffice are now a good substitution of Microsoft Office pack. They have a similar interface so users of Microsoft will not have trouble in getting to know them. The functionality of OpenOffice solutions is the same or even wider than of Microsoft solutions.

But migrating to a new program is a tough task. You have to unify all the old spreadsheets with the newly created ones. Statistically 86% of all price-lists are created in Microsoft Excel. When people learn about a free substitution hundreds of price lists, catalogues and other spreadsheets have to be converted.

We recommend trying Total Excel Converter by CoolUtils. It converts all kinds of spreadsheets to other formats. The formats like .ODS and .ODT are also supported. Total Excel Converter works in a batch mode so any number of spreadsheets is converted at a time. Besides, it keeps folder structure. The newly converted files won’t be in a mess, but in strict order. Total Excel Converter can be run silently from the command line in case you do not want any interrupting messages.

Using software is a legal way to cut expenses. Often free solutions provided by large companies are of high quality. is not the only example. Take your chance and explore the free section in software archives to learn how much money you can save. Sure it’s not a great sum but in tough times every penny is valued.

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