Professional Coin Collecting Software – Advanced Database for Managing Your Numismatic Collectibles

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  • Dicembre 1, 2011

Now Available – Professional Coin Collecting Software (PCCS) for the coin hobbyist and professional numismatist

Until now, managing information about your rare coins and numismatic investments required using cumbersome Excel worksheets or expensive proprietary coin applications.
With PCCS, you can now take advantage of full featured and powerful database technologies to analyze and track your coin portfolio. PCCS utilizes the Microsoft Access database engine to facilitate instant queries and provide detailed information about your coins at the tip of your fingers.

With an intuitive and responsive database design, at the click of a button you will be able to:
– Sort and filter your data by coin type, cost, grading authority, grade, etc.
– Quickly determine profit and gains statistics on coins and coin groups.
– Export your data to Excel for more number crunching and analysis.

PCCS is unlike any other piece of coin software out there. With typical coin collection management software, the more your collection grows, the more difficult the program becomes to manage. With PCCS Coin Collecting Software , the software actually becomes more powerful the more coin data you put into it.
As the internet becomes an increasingly important medium for coin research and transactions (auctions, etc), having your coin collection data at your fingertips is becoming even more vital. Attach coin ID photos, certifications, research articles and more right alongside the coin’s database record.
PCCS will organize your portfolio, allow for powerful financial analysis and give you insight into your collection that you never had before.
Professional Coin Collecting Software is the #1 choice for coin hobbyists and numismatists alike.

NOW FEATURING Gold Bullion Calculator. PCCS software now features an on-screen gold bullion calculator for instantly determining your net gold holdings and value based on the current gold bullion price. An indispensable tool in this era of precious metal growth and volatility.

Visit for more information and a FREE trial download of the software.

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