A Baby Mirror Can Protect Your Baby’s Life

Anybody who has a infant more than likely is using a child safety seat while driving them in the car.
Today the safest way to transport a infant in a child safety seat is with one that faces the rear of the car to protect the infant in case of an accident.
The reason the infant is placed in a rear facing child seat, is because if there is an accident the front of the chair will absorb the impact force over a wide area protecting the baby’s spine and neck.
The problem with a rear facing car seat is it doesn’t allow you see the child’s face in the rear view mirror, and you can’t see them if you turn to look, which is a bad idea anyway.
Turning around to see your infant can have dire consequences, studies show that twenty percent of accidents that happen involving an infant is because the parent was concerned about the infant and turned to try and help them taking their eyes off the road.
This is the reason back seat mirrors have become so popular. You can affix these mirrors to a headrest in the back seat, and adjust it so with a peek in the rearview mirror you can a get a entire view of your child’s face.
So if your infant is upset you can safely see if there is an issue you need to take care of immediately, or if they are just being fussy.
The scary thing for the parent is that their infant can be choking and not breathing without them knowing it, but with a back seat baby mirror, you can see the infant, and if you have to act quickly, you can pull over safely and give aid to your infant.
This back seat mirror also will prevent crashes, because a parent can panic when they think there child is in distress.
Their instinct is to turn around and see what the problem is, of course this means taking their attention off of driving, and in the best circumstances this is very dangerous.
Now if it is the morning or evening rush hour, then the danger rises substantially.
We have so many products today to make sure our children are safe a back seat mirror can make sure you are safe too.
Driving can be the most stressful time for both parents and children, especially for those parents who are dropping their baby off at daycare.
They are usually in a rush to get the child dropped off and to make it to work on time, add in a issue the baby might be going through on the ride and you have a possible disaster.
A back seat mirror is a product that will give you piece of mind the next time you get in your car.

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