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“Oklahoma Watch” is not what you would call a bastion of libertarian journalism. Up until now it seems as if they have walked lock step with the hospitals in Oklahoma parroting the poor mouthing propaganda and promoting the Medicaid expansion of Obamacare. I have never understood how the folks “on the left” have been able to inconsistently carry the flag of corporate health care. I have said many times that “I miss the hippies,” meaning those folks “on the left” who tend to not trust government and their crony pals. This article gives me hope, an article written to expose the negligible extent to which the hospitals in Oklahoma render care. This article represents an incredible departure from the corporate medical party line. I hope that I am not missing something here and that the folks at Watch have had perhaps a change of heart. I look forward to more investigative pieces like this.

Missing journalist in Syrian custody journalist missing in Syria for nearly six months is most likely in Syrian government custody,burberry handbags usa, according to the GlobalPost, an online international news outlet, and the man’s brother. Gunmen kidnapped James Foley on November 22 and his family has since worked to obtain his release. Foley, a free lance journalist, contributed stories to the GlobalPost. According to a GlobalPost story on Friday,burberry quilted jacket knock off, its CEO and president, Philip Balboni,burberry jacket, said in a speech marking World Press Freedom Day that the outlet has a “very high degree of confidence” that Foley was “most likely abducted by a pro regime militia group and turned over to Syrian government forces.”

BREITBART: They called the police on me. As you can see,burberry quilted jacket waterproof, I didn’t throw the eggs. As you can understand I have no desire to throw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus. But they did. BREITBART: Indeed it would be. And while I was going to my car, two police cars pulled up to me and said that they had been called because I was alleged by the group of the people who did throw the eggs, that they said you threw the eggs. I said well, as you can see, I’ve got a cameraman behind me and I can show you right now that the video will show that they were the ones that threw it. And the guy the police officer,burberry fitted quilted jacket sale, as opposed to going back to the crowd that called the police, and he now had a new crime on his hand that they had falsely called the police on me, just drove way.

2 million for overpass project ‘Walking Dead’ actor reports car break in, theftIsrael: Paula Abdul scales back ceremonyOvation puts a new spin on TV arts programmingReview: Luscious Jackson party on in returnGerman art hoard held unknown Chagall, MatisseRapper DMX again arrested in South CarolinaGeorge Strait rides into CMAs’ spotlight againRather not invited to join CBS Kennedy coverageWoodland has received $2 million in federal funding to begin designing and planning an overpass to link the two halves of Scott Avenue, which are now separated by Interstate 5.Creation of a third interchange in Woodland would help relieve congestion and add another outlet for industrial traffic, Public Works Director Bart Stepp said Thursday.However, construction is years away and is estimated to cost at least $30 million, Stepp said. The $2 million will go into planning, permitting and beginning the design of the interchange.”We want to get enough engineering work done as possible,” Stepp said.There are two main ways Scott Avenue can be reconnected: Raising the freeway and joining Scott Avenue under the freeway, or vice versa, building an overpass to carry Scott Avenue over the freeway. The city will form a committee of citizens and businesses to help design the project, Stepp said.Acquiring permits and approval from state and federal agencies is expected to take two years. It will take another three years to design and finish construction once funding is secured.

That reassurance led to a drop in world oil prices. In New York, benchmark crude fell 77 cents to $100.57 a barrel in morning trading. Brent crude fell 82 cents to $108.45 a barrel in London. Western nations are growing increasingly impatient with Iran over its nuclear program. and its allies have accused Iran of using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to develop nuclear weapons. Iran has denied the charges, saying its program is geared toward generating electricity and producing medical radioisotopes to treat cancer patients. Congress has passed a bill banning dealings with the Iran Central Bank,burberry kensington jacket, and President Barack Obama has said he will sign it despite his misgivings. allies and drive up oil prices.


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