Access Your Data and Repair Your PC with [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD)

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  • January 31, 2012

[email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) provides users with a useful set of desktop applications combined with a bootable image for starting up a computer into either a Windows-based or DOS-based environment. It’s useful in many different scenarios. If, for example, Windows fails to start up and you’ve tried every other method to get your computer working, [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) can help you to perform data recovery and system repair tasks. You can also use it to securely erase data, something which cannot be done when you are logged in to Windows. [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) provides you with the options of running its utilities within Windows or from a completely self-contained boot environment in the event that you cannot or do not want to log into Windows.

[email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) provides various features which make it among the most powerful solutions for diagnosing startup problems and much more. It supports dual-boot functionality with both DOS and Windows. It provides a user-friendly boot disk creator interface with a useful set of additional tools for more advanced users. To optimize the performance, it includes a disk defragmentation feature. A network configurator is included, allowing you to access the network via TCP/IP. All of these utilities are combined in this excellent package which will save you both time and money. You’ll have everything that you need in one convenient set. Additionally, drivers can be loaded on the fly from directories that you can specify yourself beforehand. For recovery purposes, [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) supports CD and DVD burning. A file management feature is included, allowing you to browse through directories and manage files and folders just as you can using Windows Explorer.

[email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) is an excellent solution for recovery purposes in particular. In the event that your computer is completely non-bootable and your start-up repair disk doesn’t even work and you cannot start up into safe mode, [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) will almost always be able to grant you full access to the computer, allowing you to diagnose start-up problems, carry out system repairs or retrieve your data. It provides an extensive set of data recovery features, maintenance and privacy utilities all in one solution.

[email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) is one of the most full-featured and user-friendly solutions of its kind. It’s ideal for computer specialists and administrators of any level. What makes [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) is that it provides all of the tools that you need to carry out various maintenance and recovery tasks. While there are many features of Windows which allow you to carry out many of these tasks, there is simply no standard way of carrying out the tasks that [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) allows you to do. With [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD), you can enjoy the convenience of having a more advanced and extensive set of features.

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