Tune Up with Evonsoft Crap Cleaner to Maximum PC Performance

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  • Dicembre 29, 2009

Are you tired of slow pc performance? Have you realized there are many craps produced in your computer everyday? Do you want to protect your privacy like browsing history, cookies not tracked by another one? Do you want to gain more hard disk space? Then you need to try this freeware – Crap Cleaner.

Crap Cleaner is a handy utility to easily clean up disk space that is used by temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder, Recycle Bin and various other areas of your system. In addition, you can erase personal tracks like recently used documents, typed URLs and more. The program comes with an attractive, user friendly interface. Crap Cleaner allows you to create cleaning profiles, and can automatically run at system start without user intervention. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera as well as various 3rd party applications with built-in History Cleaner.

Privacy protection for your browsing history is necessary since the browser keeps all the tracks down by cookies, your entered URL, your visited website etc. If there is little access to your computer by another one around you, do not forget the hackers who always steals your privacy and sell it to others. Besides browsing history privacy protection, system temp files and other crap files are another concern of Crap Cleaner to keep your computer clean and run faster.

With Crap Cleaner, you can save hardware upgrading, prolong disk lifecycle, keep your system clean as it is newly installed and enjoy a fast running pc always stays peak performance. What’s more attractive? It will make your old pc running like a brand new within a few clicks.

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