How to optimize server hard disk with Smart Defrag Server

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  • November 25, 2009

Do you want to reduce server hardware investment and always keep them run at peak? Do you want to defrag daily, weekly or at any special time? Try Smart Defrag Server!

Smart Defrag Server is all you want to optimize hard disks for Windows Server Operating Systems including Windows Server 2008/2003/2000. “Install it and forget it”, this is all you need to do and let Smart Defrag Server handle the rest. It also offers flexible defrag scheduling to tailor any time as you need to do defragmentation. Just with several clicks on the setting, your whole server will look after itself all on its own.

No server downtime with Smart Defrag Server to optimize hard disks. Considering the importance of Windows Server running for a workstation, Smart Defrag Server make it possible and fast to clean server disks while server is working without interruption. Smart Defrag Server automatically reduces its load on the system to a minimum that can almost make you unaware of the defragmentation when it is running.

What’s more advantageous? With Automatic defragmentation care, this defrag engine specialized developed tool can automatically defrag your hard disks when your system is idle.

With RAID supported, Smart Defrag Server is fully compatible with all levels of RAID volumes like RAID0, RAID5, RAID0+1, RAID1, RAID6 etc. It makes your server raid drives with better performance.

Defrag to let your server works with efficiency, Smart Defrag Server runs 300% faster than Windows built-in Defragment and 50% faster than ordinary defrag tools. It saves time when running defragmentation and always keeps server running at peak. A new revolution for server disk defragmentation has come with Smart Defrag Server.

Smart Defrag Server works safely and effectively with email servers, whether they are Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus® Domino®, QUALCOMM® Eudora®, or others. Smart Defrag Server is uniquely designed to run in the background while these applications are operational and available to users. There is no need to stop or shutdown these applications or services to defragment.

We have to admit that servers were not fast as they were brand-new. Most administrators missed the feeling of exhilaration at its speed and responsiveness compared to the old server. What happened? The simple answer is “fragmentation”. A simple solution is to install Smart Defrag Server and within minutes your server will be restored to full performance and it will stay the way indefinitely.

Try Smart Defrag Server, Speed, responsiveness and exhilaration will be yours once again. Designed for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 and defragmentation for large hard disks, Smart Defrag Server is available here:

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