Article Writing – Pen Name Or Real Name

Some article writers choose to use a pen name, while others stick to their real name. But how do you decide when to do what? How do you determine what is best – a pen name or your real name.
Of course this depends a lot on personal taste and preferences but since I also use a pen name in my article writing, here are some guidelines that I use for myself when deciding whether to use a pen name or my real name.
If I have an established name in a particular field, then when I write about anything in that field, that is the name I would most likely use. No use writing under a new name when this name already gives you some level of credibility.
If I decide to establish myself as an authority in a particular field, then I most likely will decide to use my real name. However, it all depends here if I am writing pure opinion or pure critique. In these cases I may just decide to do it under a pen name and establish authority under that.
If I am writing opinion or critique pieces, I most likely will use a pen name, not to hide my true identity but to add more interest to the work I am trying to do just by designing a name that is catchy and appropriate.
If you are using a pen name and want to add some authenticity, you can make mention of your real name with a short explanation as to why you use the pen name. People will appreciate and understand this.
Your pen name, if you use one, should be either illustrative of your area of expertise or interesting of itself or better yet, both.
If your pen name gives no clue as to your writing style and the character behind it, then you have to work a bit harder in your writing to bring this out such as consistently going for a particular writing style. You could choose to be conversational and warm, or with a cynical don’t-give-a-damn attitude.
One great advantage I find with using a pen name is that if I am conscious that I am writing under this pen name, then my writing will most likely take on the characteristics that I associate with that name. For example, if I think my pen-name is an analytical person, then I am more inclined to be analytical when writing under that name.
Writing should be fun but also done with a purpose and the name you choose to write under can further help to define that purpose. So choose wisely – pen name or real name.

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