Eight Proven Tips To Writing Persuasive Email Copy That Sells

This article will give you insight into several often overlooked areas of email copywriting which hurt the overall effectiveness of an email message.
1. The first thing you need is a salutation. Salutation? What is that? It is the Dear Friend or FIRSTNAME, at the beginning of the body of the email. What you’re doing by having a salutation is personalizing the impersonal email message. It helps a lot to do this because it is the only time you connect with the reader on a personal level.
2. Going along with the salutation is the use of the person’s name, or just the word friend, two or three times in the body of the email. It is as if you are talking to your customer one on one! Just from doing this!
3. The third thing you should do is end your message with a farewell note. Then add your name.
Simply putting a Thanks! at the end is not enough. You need to add your name as well. It’s pointless to simply place a Thank You for Reading This or Later or Thanks for your time. It is only half the puzzle. You want to connect and reconnect throughout your message. It is as if your are talking to the email reader rather than writing to them.
4. Everyone loves a story. Story ideas are everywhere. In your story, please, tell something interesting. There is nothing worse than a story that is boring! Come on now, use your imagination!
5. Say something about your product or your life, but do not make it the usual rags to riches story. That one has been done too much. Do something about how your product blows everybody minds! Instead, write something about how you have made so much money that the bank does not have the room to keep it all. Make it funny, use some humor!
6. Be imaginative in your story-telling. Use your brains too. People do not want to be talked down to or taken for fools. If they think you are doing that they will delete your email faster than greasy lightning!
7. Make certain you hit the emotions when you tell your story. Remember, people buy on an emotional basis.
If you base your story on an emotional level then your chances of making a sale increase by a great degree!
8. Cross your t’s and Dot all your i’s! Punctuation is overlooked by many rookie writers. It should not be. Proper grammar is essential to reader likability! Spelling is an important part of grammar. Don’t forget to check your spelling. Do this and your writing will cast a selling spell over your readers. Forget it and it will amount to no sale.

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