Copywriting Tips – How To Offer Bargain Deals – Are You Using This

Here’s a great way to use strong copy to position yourself.
One of the best things about human nature is that it’s fairly predictable. Certain actions and re-actions, are so reliable you can practically set your watch to them.
For instance, our inherent desire to get a bargain when possible.
Doesn’t matter how affluent you are or what you’re buying or how many times you’ve bought it before. If you can get a deal on something, for the most part, “you’re in,” right?
In this particular case, your challenge then, is simple: to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that your buyers are getting a bargain.
Let’s look at how you can prove something’s a bargain.
This is based on the fact that the first piece of information you give people, especially when you’re telling them a story, anchors them in and gives them a frame of reference moving forward.
For instance, a while ago I read a story about a girl from an affluent family, who got a bad grade in school and was afraid of telling her parents.
So instead of telling mom and dad she got a “D” on her report card, instead she wrote them a letter that said something to the effect that she’d ran away with a bully in school who’d recently gotten out of jail. That they’d been carrying on in a relationship for a long time behind their back, but she’s been forced to tell them about it now because she is pregnant. And that they shouldn’t worry because they’ll eventually get married.
For now, they’ll live together in his parents trailer but they’ll bring the baby over every once in a while to visit. That food stamps should cover most of the money they need to feed themselves and the baby.
Sounds scary, right?
Well, that’s exactly how this gal’s parent’s felt. Which is why, at the end of the letter, her parents were relieved when she said, “Mom and Dad, don’t worry. None of this is true… the only thing I really wanted you to know, is that I got a D in my math class, and I was scared to tell you about it.”
So you see, when you “anchor” something in people’s minds as a frame of reference, and you sort of prepare them for the worst… you end up looking like a superstar once you deliver the reality of things, which is typically much better news.
The only difference, of course, is that you want your initial frame of reference needs to be true, not some kind of fabricated story.
Let me give you a hypothetical real-life example of this, one of my own products:
“I charge $500 bucks for one hour of telephone consulting. You can’t book more than one hour. If you want more time it’s $7,500 for a full day of consulting.
I rarely take on copywriting clients because I’m far too busy writing copy for my own publishing company and for my own projects in different niches. But when I do take on a client, it costs $60,000 plus royalties to hire me, because it’s a big interruption of my schedule.
Members of my Mastermind Group pay $1,497 a month for my advice, and they are thrilled with it because of the HUGE return on their investment.
With only a small handful of customers I manage to make half-a million dollars a year, or more. And my clients and customers tend to hang around and pay me money for up to three times as long as industry averages go.
So when I recently put together a course that reveals every single strategy I use to do this, naturally, people expected it to sell for a few thousand dollars — at least! After all, the course contains a 360-page workbook, three Audio CD’s, and three DVDs. It actually takes you by the hand, step by step and shows you how to use every one of these strategies in your own business. There are even checklists at the end of each chapter so you’re not left standing there wondering what to do next!
But you’re not going to have to pay thousands of dollars for it. In fact, you’re not even going to have to pay ONE thousand dollars for it.
The truth is, if you move on this right now, you’re not even going to have to pay one-tenth of this!
If you act now, you’ll be able to get your hands on this entire program for less than $100 bucks, and… it even comes with a LIFETIME guarantee. That’s right, if you’re not happy with it, just ship it back any time for a prompt and courteous refund. That’s how confident I am about it’s ability to deliver on the promises I’ve made, and then some.
This program is not available in stores, but if you act now, you can get your hands on it using this special Reservation Form enclosed inside this envelope. But act NOW. The way this is moving, the price, no doubt, will be going up in the future.”
See how this works in real life?
Remember, creating a frame of reference is important. Be factual… and support your claims using strong and compelling copy. Got it? Good, so…
Now go sell something

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