Niche Article Writing – What It Is

In brief, niche article writing is your CV to the world, an opportunity to show who you are, where you can be found and what you can provide to those people who are looking for whatever it is you have to offer them. It may be easier to say that niche article writing is not about writing anything that comes into your head; it must be orientated around whatever your particular niche happens to be.
Let’s face it if you were to buy a book that the cover described as being about gardening and when you get it home you find it is all about how write articles you would not be too pleased would you? Therefore if you sell gardening products or have a gardening service that is what your articles should be about – your niche market.
If you can consistently give people accurate, helpful information about your particular niche then they will start to investigate you further to see what else you have that they might like. How will they investigate you? They will click on the link that you have to your website in the Author Bio box at the bottom of your article, where they will (hopefully) discover all about your products and services. So you can see the importance of sticking to writing about whatever your niche is, but of course if you have several niches with separate websites you can write about them all so long as you have a different Authors Bio box for each niche article and website.
Becoming an expert in your niche is the best way to get your name, website and products and services known, and in my opinion writing niche articles is the best way to become an expert especially when other website/blog owners start to use your articles, including of course your Author Bio on their web pages. Free and easy promotion for you and your products and services as well as building visitor traffic to your own sites.
The more links from other websites you can build will increase your page ranking with the search engines, which in turn will generate more visitors and of course the more visitors you have the better chance you have of getting more business. The more happy customers you have the more likely it is that they will recommend you to their family and friends. So niche article writing if carried out properly can be a win-win situation opportunity that should not be overlooked no matter what business you have or niche market you are in.

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