Writing And Publishing Articles Online

If you have a flair for writing and you enjoy telling stories etc, then you can begin your online business by writing and publishing articles online. This is one of the most easiest and fastest ways of showcasing your talent and building your expertise while being connected to the readers through your articles.
To start with choose a topic on any subject that you are familiar with or that is current in the news. Next step would be to do sufficient research and gather information that will form the subject matter of your article. Now comes the third part. You will need to structure the content for the article.
Any article content should be neatly organized and structured so that readers are able to go through the entire article, understand what the author is trying to say and remember all the points. Therefore structuring of the article becomes very important.
One of the easiest ways of structuring the article would be to organize the contents into number of key points. In an article you can have anywhere from three to ten points or a maximum of twelve points. By this the readers would be able to comprehend the entire content and remember easily.
It is very common practice with all of us that when we read a article, we just go through the beginning and leave out the middle and go to the concluding part. We just scan through the middle part of the article and recall only the beginning and ending. This is the reason why it helps to have points in the article structure so that the reader’s attention is drawn to that point and he can remember it easily.
Each of your points should be preceded by a short catchy sub title after which your short and crisp paragraph explanation of the title subject should follow. If you number the points, it would look better.
Make sure your sub titles are catchy and smart one-liners. If the sub titles are able to hold the attention of the reader, chances are that they will read through the paragraph or else they are likely to skip through the same. So the subtitles will hold the key to reader’s attention
Make your articles look neat and structured with a logical flow of argument and conclusion so that it is easier for the readers to follow through and understand it better. The above points if implemented will help you refine your work.

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