More Than Just Professional Writing Services

Professional writing services, particularly those who focus on the online business sector, typically have a one track mind. For freelance writers, web copywriting is a lucrative business and the last thing most writing services want is for online business owners to be capable of creating their own effective copy.
For that reason, many professional writing services treat online business owners like mushrooms… kept in the dark and fed with…dung about web copywriting techniques. It’s understandably, right? After all, if everyone became a competent and effective web copywriter, they would be out of a job! But is this really fair and is there a better way for writing services to assist their clients?
As a web copywriter with over 15 years experience in the field, there are typically two types of client who use my professional writing services and each has different reasons for doing so.
Time Savers The first type of client simply wants to save themselves the time and effort of creating their own web content. They often have the ability to undertake their own web copywriting but choose to outsource to a professional writing service so they can focus their efforts on other aspects of their business.
These clients typically have well-established businesses. Therefore, they can afford the often costly option of using a professional writers for their web content and would outsource their web copywriting regardless.
Web Content Strugglers The second type of client has real and genuine problems with undertaking their own web copywriting. Most often these clients are new to online business and do not understand how to create effective web content that will meet the needs of their business.
It is when their web content fails to deliver their desire results that they turn to professional writing services to intervene. The professional writing service provides them with high quality copy that increases their traffic, conversion and profile and so begins a heavy reliance which freelance writers are only to happy to cash in on and online business owners have to fund.
So what could professional writing services do differently to support online businesses? Professional writers are rightly in the business to make money and no one would criticize a freelance writer for doing so. However, it seems to me that some online business owners simply need the help and the training to create effective copy for themselves and no one is better positioned to provide that training than professional web copywriters.
But would that not put them out of a job? It is understandable that professional copywriters might feel that providing good quality training for online business owners would be professional suicide, but the reality is that is not necessarily the case. It could actually be a very lucrative and mutually beneficial way forward.
Instead of selling work, you would be selling your knowledge.
The ‘time saver’ market would be unaffected so good copywriters would still get work
Providing training will establish the copywriter as a trusted authority
Supporting success will create many more ‘time saver’ clients who will then be in the market for a trusted copywriter!
Professional writing services have nothing to fear from supporting online business owners and equipping them with the tools they need to create effective web copywriting for themselves. In fact, there is a great deal to gain.

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