Developing Databases with Database Workbench Pro .

Database Workbench Pro provides a full-featured database development environment complete with a wide range of tools and features including diagramming tools, a schema browser, visual object editors, a test data generator and more. It supports a wide range of database formats, including SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird, Oracle, NexusDB, Anywhere, Sybase SQL, InterBase and MSDE.

Full Unicode Support

Thanks to complete support for the Unicode standard, this database development tool is fully prepared for the international, multilingual marketplace. You can create, display and edit data in any language supported by the industry-standard Unicode, and this support even extends to meta data. Additionally, users can export and import Unicode data as well as transfer it between different database systems.

Consistent User Interface

If you’re working with multiple different database systems, you have probably already experienced the frustration of having to deal with completely different user interfaces when working with the tools provided by database vendors. However, Database Workbench Pro provides a unified database development environment for cross-platform compatibility and seamless switching between working with different database formats. With a single, familiar tool at your disposal, the learning curve is greatly reduced as is the time and money involved in database development.

Design, Implement, Debug and Maintain Your Databases

These are the four core features of Database Workbench Pro. Thanks to agnostic visual design tools, you can create new databases with relative ease or even create and manage multiple databases using a single editing source. You can generate visual diagrams from existing databases or design databases elsewhere and implement them using the provided visual editor or scripting utility.

Thanks to the versatile and powerful visual editors and management tools as well as SQL and scripting tools, you can easily implement your preferred database design. The software supports drag-and-drop editing using SQL Insight as well as source-code editors allowing you to conduct your work in a far more efficient manner. Using the object editor and database navigator, you can also view object dependencies.

With a wide range of testing and debugging tools, Database Workbench Pro provides everything that you need to get your database projects ready for everyday use. A built-in text data generator provides the facility for volume testing, while the provided SQL editor features a comprehensive analysis tool, visual query plan and visual query builder and an execution timer. You can also debug a stored procedure, package, trigger or function with the powerful debugging tool provided.

Database Workbench Pro provides a set of simple monitoring tools for maintaining your database, making it an ideal solution for database administrators who need to ensure a reliable working system at all times. There’s nothing stopping administrators from modifying their existing databases either, thanks to the provision of the database compare tool that allows you to generate a change script. Additionally, the script recorder feature allows you to track changes, and you can easily extract scripts from existing objects or copy the change script from each object editor.

Database Workbench Pro is a powerful tool designed with versatility and ease of use in mind, making it an excellent solution for both database administrators and developers. Find out more at .

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