FlyGrid.Net Offers a Fast and Lightweight Solution for .Net DataGrid and Tree Control

All the best things some in the smaller packages and FlyGrid.Net is certainly no exception to this rule. FlyGrid.Net is a small package which is both fully customizable and extremely fast. It provides developers with the features they need in a completely customizable .Net DataGrid and tree control. FlyGrid.Net completely manages your data, providing the very highest level of performance. It is also an extremely flexible solution, providing users with the ability to display and manage hierarchical data, nested data and tabular data. FlyGrid.Net offers many more features for extra speed and customization, giving you much more control over your projects. In this way, this tiny but extremely powerful and efficient package outclasses the third party Windows.Forms tree and grid tools which are well known for their difficulty to customize.

One of the key features, and the first thing that users will notice about FlyGrid.Net is its tiny size of only three-hundred kilobytes. FlyGrid.Net also offers the very best when it comes to the speed of processing data. It takes only a fifth of a second to process one hundred thousand nodes, for example. It also maintains the very same feature set of the other grids at the same time. Other features of the FlyGrid.Net package include flexible design time editors and the fastest nod management, including additions, clearing and sorting. Extended cell block selection is also supported as well as a capability for split view. Using the split view feature, users can split the gird into a number of different views which can then be resized as required. There are also many drag and drop options and complete support for RightToLeft.

FlyGrid.Net will also work flawlessly in unbound and bound modes as well, allowing the connection of various different types of data sources using provisions for non bound data or IList implementers. Using these features, developers can easily create, edit, delete as well as expand or collapse the master detail views during the design process. The detail grids can function completely independently or they can be automatically synchronized with each other. Additionally, FlyGrid.Net provides full support for XP themes. Using a hierarchal view that is extremely flexible also means that the grid can be used as a vastly superior replacement for the ListView or TreeView controls. This grid is simply faster, more flexible and more convenient.

The column component of FlyGrid.Net also includes four different editor style types. These styles include a simple style as well as a dropdown, dialog or spin style. Images placed in column headers can also be sorted and they may fit to header captions or column contents. Developers can also choose from a large range of extra column types. They can even create original column types based on one of the basic column types supported. Custom dropdowns can also be implemented using any Windows.Forms control. Customized drawing and handling of input devices can also be achieved.

To find out more about this commercial standard yet extremely fast and flexible all-in-one solution, pay a visit to the product website at

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