Improved Efficiency for People Using Multiple Email Addresses .

Most of us have at least two email addresses, and many people have a lot more, particularly if they are heavily reliant on email for work. However, when someone sends a mail, only the name of the sender will be displayed rather than the email address itself. This can lead to some confusion, and people can sometimes end up sending a reply to the wrong address. However, AddressView is designed to help keep your mailing better organized, because it will automatically display both the sender’s name and email address on all emails. A simple add-in designed for Microsoft Outlook, the industry-standard email client for Windows, AddressView is also very quick to install and exceptionally simple. Once installed, no additional configuration is necessary and minimal user interaction is needed.

Simple and Affordable

In spite of being a very lightweight and simple tool, AddressView provides a simple but essential function to any home or business user who deals with multiple email accounts and uses Microsoft Outlook. You will also find a free 30-day trial version of the add-in at . You only need to pay for the tool once should you decide to continue using it, and there are no recurring charges. However, those who need multiple licenses can also take advantage of cost-effective bulk discounts. After all, AddressView is designed to make things simple, and its versatile payment model gives you the opportunity to perfectly adapt it to your specific requirements.

Extensive Compatibility

Unsurprisingly, there are many different versions of Microsoft Outlook. After all, it has been the industry-leading email client for Windows for many years. However, the very fact that there are so many different versions around can present a problem when it comes to compatibility with add-ins. Normally, you have to manually update or replace your add-ins whenever you upgrade to a new version of Microsoft Outlook. However, AddressView has been designed to be fully compatibility with all versions of the popular mailing client, and it is also quick and easy to install.

Easy to Use

Designed with ease of use in mind, AddressView requires no special knowledge to use, and there is no learning curve involved. It is simply a matter of installing the add-in into any version of Microsoft Outlook, and the new functionality will be available immediately. You won’t need to worry about configuring anything either. However, in the unlikely event that you do encounter a problem, Servolutions will be available to help you with prompt and friendly customer and technical support.

Every current version of Outlook is supported, so there’s no need to upgrade if you don’t want to. The add-in also works independently of Windows, since it only relies on Outlook itself. 64-bit editions of the mailing client are also supported, allowing you to take advantage of modern 64-bit processor architecture for improved performance. A single license on costs 25 euros, and there is even a 1-year money-back guarantee. Find out more are Servolution’s official company website or try out the add-in today by downloading the free trial version.

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