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The popularity of android OS and the large scale use of it by leading smart phone companies means that there will be a large number of android based apps available in the market. Since apps are in demand so would the need for developers be. Unlike iOS which has a larger user community owning to the stupendous success of iPhone and iPad, android based phones are yet to have that kind of popularity. Still it is growing fast and has a large developer community, and what makes it a formidable competitor to iOS is it being used by a lot of mobile companies. So customers get a lot of choices to choose from without much compromise in terms of quality of apps since technology wise it is at par with iOS.

Android app development in India is also getting quite popular – starting from exclusive boutique companies which offer android application development services only to large companies which have android app development as one of their offering. While doing a search to identify the top 10 android development companies in India I came across a lot of companies which have this as a offering and it gets tough to figure which ones are genuinely good. I realized others would also be facing similar confusion so I thought of writing about ways to identify a good android application development company. These are points are more common sense based than technical – simple points which you should keep in while selecting a mobile development company to work with. At a very broad level check for companies which have exposure to building apps for varied industries – entertainment, gaming, healthcare etc.

First of all – forget that you know very little about the technicality of android OS. Use the same filtering mechanism that you would use while selecting any vendor for your business. Standard hygiene factors like integrity, quality, responsiveness, professionalism are ageless. So first try to ascertain about the character of the company – best way to do that is drop a mail or talk to a sales person and ask about their way of doing business. Another check is to ask for details of past work – either write-ups or case studies. Here again prefer details present on the company website instead of standalone documents sent over email. If after the above checks the company looks nice then go ahead with your work – prefer starting with a prototype type work instead of sending over the entire application development. Give some work with a 5-6 day window – then evaluate it and if found good then move ahead with the whole work. And finally when you go to hire android programmers, in addition to asking for case studies and write-ups check if they have any app live in an app store which you can check – this would give you a firsthand idea about the quality of work being done by them. iphone apps development.

After a comparing the quotes of a number of android app development services providers, you zero down on one company. The app development process differs marginally across companies. Typically, this is how it goes. You build up on the app idea further by discussing about the kind of app you are seeking to develop. At this stage, it is important to know whether the company offers a protection for your intellectual property. Finalizing the app architecture is followed by designing the look and user interface of the app. The app is then coded to give the desired functionality. Last step is to test the app for usability and if everything is ok, the app is uploaded on the app market.

How much involvement is needed from me?

Outsourcing app development drastically reduces the time you would be otherwise required to spare for in-house app development. Client approval is mainly required at the time of finalizing the app architecture, app design and for app usability testing. That’s it. If you choose an expert android app development services India Company, you can further reduce your time involved. They know the current app trends and build your app in view of that.

Can the company guarantee me quality apps?

Quality apps have always haunted app development aspirants away from the Indian sub continent. It is a myth that apps developed by Indian companies are not up to industry standards. If it was to be true, then world renowned companies would never outsource their app development projects to India. Quality of the app is determined by its functionality, ease of use and appeal to the target customers. If your app fits these criteria, you have a quality app.

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