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11 Useful Tips When Picking The Interior Color Scheme For Your House

Working with an Interior Designer Hertfordshire professional can make the task of painting and decorating your home easier, but even with all their help most of the final decisions will be up to you. As the homeowner and the person living inside the home, your decisions matter the most.

While it seems like choosing a colour scheme sounds simple, it can be confusing. If you find choosing the right color scheme for your home a little overwhelming, these tips will come in handy:

1 – Look At Patterns Perfect for the Space

Check the patterns from your favorite couch, a large painting, or even the rug in the room for inspiration. By using a pattern that’s already in the room, tying the color scheme together becomes a simple task.

2 – Go From Dark To Light (Vertically)

Start by choosing the darkest shade of a colour with the floor and choose lighter shades as you go up. The ceiling should always be the lightest color.

3 – Commit To The Color!

Once you choose a color, work with it. Flip-flopping with different colors will make the room look messy and unorganized.

4 – Start With The Formal Areas

The formal areas are where you will do most of the entertaining. If you aren’t sure of where to start, an interior designer Hertfordshire will always suggest starting with rooms that are the central focus of the house.

5 – Consult The Color Wheel

The best way to know if colors compliment each other is to use the color wheel. There’s a good reason why green and blue are right next to each other.

6 – Choose Cool Colors For Private Spaces

Private spaces such as the bedroom should be a place where you can unwind and relax. For these areas in the home, choose cool colors that are calming so you can feel at peace when retreating for the night.

7 – Choose Vibrant And Bright Colors For Entertaining Areas

As for the entertaining area, bright and vibrant colors help with the overall mood of the guests. Brightly colored dining areas encourage mingling and fun.

8 – You Can’t Go Wrong With White Or Beige

When at a complete loss, go with a neutral color scheme like beige, white, or grey. These are minimalist colors that are easy to paint over when you do finally find a color scheme you love.

9 – Use Shades From The Same Hue

By using shades that come from the same hue, the interiors of the home look different and unique, but at the same time complementary.

10 – Choose Different Colors For Each Floor

Homes, where there is a clear difference between the first and second floor, can experiment with two different color schemes per floor. This gives each floor a different mood and keeps each floor feeling separate from each other.

11 – Test The Color Palette First

Before settling for a color palette and using it, create a swatch first. This will help you visualize how the colors blend together. If you are having second thoughts, you can always add or remove a colour without needing to repaint over anything.

At Timeless Interiors you can work closely with our Interior Designer Hertfordshire to achieve the perfect balance of beauty and function at your home or workspace. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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