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yourself at the altar wearing a marvelous wedding dress

The perfect boyfriend exists and it is yours: the one who made you fall in love with phrases of love and to whom you are about to present yourself at the altar wearing a marvelous wedding dress. But are you sure he will be a good husband? Before buying wedding favors, maybe you should stop for a moment to think, helping yourself with this test. Here are the ten questions that will guide you in finding an answer … start shaking!

Did you find a bit of your he in the result profile? Surely these questions will have made you reflect on your situation and on what is the real life of a couple. Yes, because marriage, beyond the organization of refreshments and the creation of wedding place cards, is a life choice. It will last much longer than the single date you wrote about wedding invitations, which is just the beginning of the game … a beautiful game to do together every day.
Finally, if you have a cheeky mind and you want to make an exception to the rules red and black evening dresses, you can opt for some cellulose flowers, ordering to your supplier the fantasy that best suits your personality, such as a staff, if you are a music fanatic , in polka dots or with the format of a newspaper ect.

Dear spouses, have you chosen what will be the most suitable detail for you? If you have not already done so, consult the other protagonist of this great occasion, based on the flowers that will add to her bouquet and her wedding hairstyle, will give you the right guideline for the boutonnière best suited to you; furthermore short a line wedding dresses, if the common thread that will unite the elements of your wedding will have a floral theme, you may want to create a subtle thread between the flowers that will occupy the buttonhole of your jacket and those present in the background of the wedding invitations, in the decorations of the ceremony and of the reception!

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