Writing Sales Copy – How To Create Urgency When Selling

So you want to be a Success?
Want to work from home too?
Do you love to write?
It is possible to combine all these ambitions in the profession of copy writing. Most copy writers work from home. The demand is never-ending. Any business that has a service or a product to sell will need good copy to find customers. You may even have your own product that you wish to promote.
Success in business is defined in terms of profit generated. Profit can only be generated by achieving sales. To achieve sales customers need to be exposed to the product or service. Copy is the way to achieve this exposure. Good copy will in the first instance grab the attention of the potential customer. View it as a person walking down a street full of shops. Something makes them stop and look in the shop window and then enter the shop and ultimately buy something. This is the role of good copy. It must first of grab attention, make someone stop by the shop window in our analogy. Headlines that are provocative can do this well; though a word or warning here – this can backfire. So be careful how provocative you chose to be.
The second element of good copy is to generate enough interest to leave the potential customer wanting more. This is achieved through the body of the advert. Here you need to focus on the emotional hotspots of your target buyers. The buy decision is an emotional one, so the more you can trigger an emotional reaction the higher the chances are that you will achieve a sale.
The third element of effective copy is to generate action. This is called the call to action. You want the people reading your advert to take some action, preferably to buy the product being advertised. Time limited offers achieve this goal extremely well as they generate a sense of urgency in the reader. Be careful here if you are offering discounts. The product must have been for sale at the original price.
There are many ways to create the desired action from an advert. The language used is key. Presentation of the advert has a big impact too. The colours used. The font and style used will all have an effect. Some of these effects are overt, some are more subtle.
Good copy writers are never short of work. Any business that wants to increase the sales of their product or service will be crying out for good copy. If you learn the skills needed to write great copy you will be in high demand for as long as there are products to be sold.

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