Write What You Are Passionate About

People are drawn to writing for a variety of reasons and find success in a myriad of ways if they have solid ability to write. Some writers will be successful as fiction writers and turn out bestsellers or be satisfied as a mid-list writer with their name in print. Other writers will become masters at non-fiction or will write for academic and scientific journals. Still others will work for corporations or the government and will be the “go-to” person for reports, letters and documents that are cogent and well put together. A facility with the written word is a valuable commodity in the information society we live in today, and there are many opportunities for a writer to find success.
While it is true that any of the writing forms noted above can bring a writer a modicum of success and feelings of accomplishment, a writer will find their greatest success in writing in an area or subject they are passionate about. A writer’s skills will allow him or her to turn out solid, well put together prose on almost any subject if they put in some research and organization time, but finding a subject that you care about can take your work to the next level. This is true for creative writers that find the story they “need” to tell, or finally hit upon the character who is as real to them as their best friend from high school. But, it is also true for the non-fiction or corporate writer who has a subject they care deeply about or a project that they believe in.
Over a writer’s career they will likely be called on to write many things that they have little passion for. Still, a professional sits down and turns the work out and will be successful. Yet when that same writer finds a project they have passion for they can make a quantum leap forward as a writer. Even if you are engaged in multiple writing projects to pay the rent or that just need to get done, continue to look around for a project that sets you on fire. Maybe you won’t be able to get to it until this year’s corporate report is done or you get that graduate history paper turned in, but make note of your idea and file a few notes away. Once you find a subject that you are passionate about, take the time to expand it and see where it takes you.

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