The Greatest Story Never Told!

The story I’m gonna tell dates back many years, many thousands of years. It starts in what today is known as Germany. There was human beings, without any strings of the so-called Annunaki. They had brown skin, their eye-color was brown and they was what we today call the cavemen, or the neanderthals. They lived in a primitive type of lifestyle. One dey there was no more food to hunt, so they decided to move out of “Germany” in search of a new habitable area.
Suddenly they saw a white buffalo. Even though they did not have the knowledge we have today, they could still remember and learn. They knew that they had never in their years of existence seen a white buffalo. They decided to follow the buffalo, since it gave out a vibration of safety, and not fear as all the brown ones. They followed it for a long walk, many days, even weeks and months perhaps. One day they came to an ocean. Their leader cursed the Buffalo and said “We trusted you, and you led us to a dead-end? What are we supposed to do now?”. Suddenly the Buffalo shifted its shape and turned into a beautiful Angle (keep in mind that angle is a synonym for messenger). The Angle told them to build boats and cross the ocean. It also said that they would discover two islands, one Big and one smaller, but they must only stop and live at the smaller island.
They did as the Angle said and went out on a journey to discover the smaller island. There they settled down and lived a good life, or so it would seem anyways. The women of the island had a curious edge that must be jumped off from. In the night they gathered the women that wanted to join them on an adventure and took the boats they needed, which they arrived in, and set out for a discovery adventure. They wanted to find the Big island and see what was there.
After some days of sailing they finally arrived at the Big island. To their surprise, they found that there was other types of human there, they were a few feet taller, their skin was white, their hair was blond and their eyes were blue. One of the most surprising momentum to the “neanderthal” women was that they had advanced both technological and spiritual aspects to a point of non-imaginary proportions. The “neanderthal” woman became interested in their way of life and, to speak frankly, became aroused of their mystery. Something that all humans have in common: we all become interested in either a negatively or positively fashion, in all that is new or not yet understood. So some of the natives of the Big island also became infatuated with the “neanderthal” women’s nature.
When the two cultures had came to an agreement of how to communicate, the Natives revealed that this city was called Atlantis. Now that they could communicate, they could get to know each other better. Many of them had sexual intercourse and created in all 13 babies together.
Not many years had gone by since the “neanderthal” woman’s arrival. While the Women were still carrying the 13 babies in their womb, The Creator of Atlantis paid the city a visit. To its irritation, he discovered that the “neanderthal” women had ignored what the Angle had said, and carried on to the Big island. He became also furious at the Atlantians that had allowed sex to occur and babies to be produced, since he had told them to keep their genetic code in tact at all cost. The Creator said “when the babies are born, this city will be destroyed, and you will live as the way the new era of time decides”, but before he would destroy it he would produce other kinds of human to balance up the ‘boat they had rocked for ever’.
The first of the new humans had green eyes. They had a natural understanding of how nature worked and how to let it work. They were called the “Green-Thumbs”
The second race of humans were called the “Masons”. These are the ones who was also called “neanderthals” before the balancing from the Creator. They had a natural understanding of how to construct and build.
The third race had blue eyes, blond hair, and a natural connection to the Godly-realm. They could know information about the future and the past and the present, was more intact with their inner and outer being. These are the healers, the shamans and was inspired by the previous Atlantians. They were called the “Illuminati” meaning the “enlightened one”.
The fourth and final race was from the 13 babies that came from the “neanderthal” women and the Atlantians. They had become a product of ungodly results of the sexual intercourse that occurred. They were a mixture, but not in the loving way. They sought power for all cost and were very protective of their unique bloodline. They are the ones that make conspiracies to make the world around them after their liking. They did not get a name, though their mixture of the 3 other eye-colors would be the color of their eyes.

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