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Why People Still Value Direct Mail In The Digital Age

One would think that in today’s digital era, direct mail would be obsolete. Nothing could be farther from the truth as proven by the bustling businesses of direct mail Kent companies. In fact, plenty of businesses that started purely online are now looking into the services which can be provided by direct mail Surrey. Here’s why:


Just because your business is using digital tools does not mean it cannot benefit from physical, printed marketing materials. In fact, the most successful businesses have learned to merge these two channels. Like a postmodern film, these two marketing worlds are blending into each other, each providing near-magical portals to the other. And why not? Humans are exposed and reside in both online channels and offline ones. If a business can survive this crossover, it can thrive anywhere.

High Response Rates

Perhaps because some members of your target market are not that used to online tools yet, or because the online world has become too noisy, business owners are actually realizing that their direct mail subscribers are responding more than their email subscribers. Direct mail provides a quiet and focused space for you and your market. Here, you can converse with each other without the humdrum of other digital ads–much like having a rare time to have tea and more intimate conversation with a special someone as opposed to the sea of white noise in social media.



When you give someone something that is already printed out, they don’t need a mobile phone to view it. They do not need computers. It is handed to them via mail thanks to your favorite direct mail Surrey company. All they have to do is sit down and enjoy not just how visually pleasing your catalogues or postcard is, but also how tactile and real it is.

Less Competition

When you send an email, it’s like competing with 20 other emails that are demanding attention. Direct mail is a fairly newly rediscovered “oldy but goody”. If you are into this strategy right now, good news, you’re probably one of the first ones revisiting it. This means you have less competition, hence more room to grow.



Because of the nature of direct mail Kent, printed materials can be customized. Perhaps they are not so personalized to look uniquely like it was made just for one person, but the output can be controlled to look a certain way for a specific kind of market. This customization, when done right, can prove to be very effective.

Easy-to-track Results

As was said before, direct mail is not exactly a new frontier. It is, however, an old land that people have left for your business to rediscover and thrive in. As a result, there are already ways for you to track down the results of your efforts. You don’t even have to reinvent the wheel.

More staying power

Just as handwritten notes are more personal and intimate than typewritten ones, digital mail also gives consumers a sense of sincerity. It’s as if the business owner went out of his way to reach out to a valuable, loyal customer. It helps to create a stronger bond, beyond page rankings and turnover rates.

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