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Why Long-Term Van Hire Is Better Than Buying Your Own Delivery Vehicle

Small and large businesses that rely on delivery of goods and products are those that commonly look into the possibility of hiring Van rentals in Essex. While most think of truck rentals in Essex as a temporary solution until they can afford to purchase their own fleet, there are actually good reasons why long-term van hires are a better option.

Businesses that are yet to consider long-term truck and van hiring as a delivery solution should factor in the following benefits of van hire:

Benefit #1: Fixed Monthly Payments

It is normal for new businesses to experience lean months where profits are low which can harm their ability to make regular vehicle payments. Those who cannot keep up with the payments will end up losing their car along with the past payments made.

With van rentals in Essex, the monthly payments are fixed at a rate dictated by the renter. This allows business owners to keep up with monthly payments easily.

Benefit #2: Reduced Or Zero Vehicle Maintenance Costs

The company that offers the truck rentals in Essex is in charge of maintaining the vehicles in their fleet. Instead of spending money on vehicle maintenance, business owners can use the extra money to increase the company’s monthly cash flow.

Benefit #3: Flexible Contract Terms

Truck hire companies are very understanding with their clients. Those who build a good business relationship with the rental agency can even come up with flexible terms that are more favorable for their business. With a flexible contract, delivery services can choose to rent as many or as few vans and trucks according to their monthly needs.

Benefit #4: Upgrade/ Downgrade With Ease

For delivery services that are going through a rough patch and profits are very low, they can easily downgrade their current rental plan without giving up all the delivery vehicles at once. There is no need to shut down a business because the months have been lean, with the option to downgrade, a delivery business can continue to offer their services at a lower cost.

Benefit #5: Fast And Convenient Access To New Vehicles

On the opposite side of the spectrum, businesses that are flourishing also have the option to try new vehicles in the fleet. New vans and trucks look more attractive, but they can cost more. However, for a business that is experiencing steady growth, the use of new vehicles during their delivery routes can be an effective marking tactic.

Benefit #6: Test Drive As Many Vehicles Before Signing The Contract

One of the best benefits of opting for longer-term van and truck rental is having the opportunity to test drive as many vehicles from the fleet. As long as the rental agency agrees, businesses can give different models a try to see which vehicles work best for their needs and budget before signing the long term contract.

With the benefits mentioned and a lot more, surely long-term van and truck rental is an option all businesses in Essex should consider.

Van rentals in Essex and truck rentals in Essex provided by CTM are perfect solutions for individuals or businesses looking for a cost-efficient transportation option. Contact us today and tell us how we can be of service.

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