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Why Does Your Carpet Smell And Why You Should Have Pros To Solve The Problem

Carpets are useful home and office additions that add a touch of softness and comfort to any space. Sadly, as all carpet owners know, these thick layers of soft fabric require regular cleaning because it tends to develop a smell that cannot be ignored if left uncleaned for an extended period of time.

However, sometimes even with our best efforts, a lingering smell remains or is even heightened after doing some DIY carpet cleaning. If this is happening to your carpet, these are the most common culprits for the foul odour and how the carpet cleaning Essex experts can help:

1 – Not Cleaned Properly And Thoroughly

DIY carpet cleaning usually only tackles the surface of the carpet. Although regularly hoovering the carpet does help minimise dirt and dust from building up, it is not enough to address underlying issues. In many cases, homeowners will continue to detect smells from the carpet, even after hoovering over it several times a day.

Expert carpet cleaning Rayleigh companies use industrial-grade cleaning machines that ensures all possible contaminants are cleaned out of the carpet.

2 – Excess Moisture Post Carpet Washing

Those who wash their carpets thinking this will help clean and rid the smell are correct, but often make one crucial mistake: leaving excess moisture embedded inside the carpet. Missing and forgetting to dry a small spot in the carpet will encourage mildew growth which leads to a musty smell that won’t go away.

Carpet cleaning Essex based company will not only clean and wash the carpets, but they will also ensure that every inch is 100% dry before placing it back inside the home. This way, there is no risk of mildew growth and other unpleasant smells developing after the carpet is cleaned.

3 – Invisible Stains

Most carpet owners only do a spot cleaning when they see a stain or when their pets have an accident. While a DIY spot cleaning will get rid of the stain, it doesn’t necessarily clean up the lingering residue. Invisible stains tend to smell even worse because it encourages the growth of germs and bacteria.

No amount of stain remover and elbow grease will rid the carpet of the invisible stains and smells. Carpet cleaning Rayleigh pros will use an enzymatic remover to breakdown any odour causing bacteria to prevent lingering smells from getting stronger.

4 – Smoke/Cigarette Smells

Homeowners who smoke cigarettes indoors will have more trouble getting rid of the smoke and cigarette smell from the carpet. The smell coming from smoke gets absorbed in every inch of the carpet as well as its padding making it extra difficult to remove. As time passes, the entire home will start to smell like stale cigarettes or smoke in case there was a fire inside the house.

This type of carpet smell cannot be removed using DIY carpet cleaning steps. The pros are needed to thoroughly clean, wash, and dry the carpet and its padding. If the smell is not professionally removed, the smell will linger and stick to every surface of the home.

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