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What Causes Weak Or Slow Toilet Flush And Things You Can Try To Solve The Problem

Flushing your toilet does not have to seem like rocket science. As a matter of fact, if you consult with a plumber Worthing, they will tell you that you can solve most flushing problems on your own. This is a simple guide from plumbers in Worthing as these are very common household problems that could be easily solved by non-plumbing experts.
Not enough water in your tank
Your tank has a hook and chain which could control how much water is filled up inside before your tank is ready for that final flush. If you had to flush your toilet several times before it was able to suction your waste, then maybe you flushed too soon. Wait for your tank to fill up fully before flushing. If it was able to fill up but the flush was still too weak, open the lid of your tank and see if the water reaches at least an inch above your overflow pipe. If it does not, look at your chain and adjust the hook to allow your tank to fill up with more water.
Check your chain and flap
Most plumbers in Worthing would ask you to check your chain and flap before asking for a service visit in case you have a weak flush. This is because sometimes, it’s all a matter of an unhooked chain and a tank that is not filling up, or not filling up enough. If your chain looks rusty and worn out, you might have to replace it. You could go to the hardware store and hook it into your tank’s apparatus if you know what you are looking at. If you have absolutely no idea about how tanks work and you would rather trust a plumber Worthing that you know, you could always ask for help. You could be guided over the phone or be paid a visit. You might also want to have your other plumbing issues checked while the professionals are already there.
It could be clogged
If everything in your tank is sparkling and working well, and you notice the water from your toilet is actually rising too much and not flushing down at all, then it is really time to call a professional. You could be dealing with a clogging problem. Anything down there might be easy to solve with a plumbing stick but it is going to be a lot of dirty work. Unless you are fully equipped and emotionally ready to deal with the dirty clogging problem on your own, it is best to contact plumbers in Worthing. Do not wait for your toilet to be completely clogged and to overflow. The moment you notice a weak flush, investigate, and try to address the problem right away.
Moldy tank
Sometimes, your tank is not moving or it’s not filling up enough because there is too much mold in your tank. It happens and it could be ugly. If this is the case, you have the option to clean up the tank on your own or to hire a professional. There are also blue water cleaning solutions that could prevent mold growth in your tank. The good news is it also refreshes your toilet after each flush.
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