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Secaucus New Jersey The City With a Heart

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  • November 30, 2012

Secaucus New Jersey like many cities across the country have an animal shelter. The Secaucus New Jersey animal shelter is often filled to capacity. There are so many needy animals that get dumped off at the shelter that it is heart breaking.

The Secaucus animal shelter is a no kill shelter which is a testament to the kindness of the residents of Secaucus. The animals that wind up in the shelter are often pets that have come to an unfortunate situation.

As the economy got worse and worse a lot of people had to turn their pets over because they could not afford to feed them any longer. Just as many animals wind up at the shelter because irresponsible pet owners do not have any identification on their pets or have them chipped.

This no kill shelter has two separate sites where dogs and cats are housed. This shelter operates largely on community donations and volunteer time.

Adoptions and Fostering

The ultimate goal of the shelter is to find permanent homes for all of their charges. There are fostering opportunities as well but ultimately finding the right fit for the pet and its new home is the main goal.

There is an adoption screening process. You have to fill out an application and provide references both personal and list your veterinarian as a reference. The references are checked and your living situation is considered.

Things like how long the dog will be home alone or how the dog will get their exercise. The adoption process can take up to 3-5 days. The goal is not only to place the animal but to make sure that the animal is a good fit in your lifestyle.

There are some breeds that are better off in some situations than other breeds are.

Spayed and Neutered

All of the adult animals have either been spayed or neutered for their health. Many of the female both cats and dogs show up at the shelter pregnant so getting them spayed and neutered is typically high on the list.

All of the animals are given their shots and visited by the veterinarian before they are adopted out. Any animals that are ill are fostered out if they can be until they are well.


If you are interested in helping the shelter you can by checking out the wish list that they have posted on their site. You can donate money, goods or time. There are plenty of opportunities to help out if you can.

If you can not adopt right now maybe you can foster, if you can not foster maybe you can come by and volunteer your time as a dog walker or to help keep up on the kennels.

The Secaucus NJ animal shelter often takes animals from other shelters that are running out of room to help spare the lives of as many animals as possible. This is an exceptionally run and attended shelter!

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