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twelve15twenty is a subsidiary of eGlobal Connection and is formed by a team in Singapore who is crazy and obsessed about females shoes with same-thinking ladies. The birth of the brand name began from the choices of shoe that we contain is narrow in numbers. All the women footwear viewable at our women shoes singapore online website come in twelve pairs, 15 pairs of twenty pairs and they are in created range of colours shades of black/white, red, blue and earth. One trademark feature of this online shoe branch is that once the shoes are sold out, they will not be restocked. Instead, they will be noted in our shoesbook. However, we do know that there are various similar-thinking shoes lovers who are as equally obsessed about shoes. Some of them would even think of gathering shoes as a leisure and when they see a specific shoe that they want in the shoesbook, they would very much want to grab it. So if you really like a particular pair of shoes that we carry but has already been gone, do let us know and we will try our very best to find a solution. Shopping has been made so easy that the ladies can easily reserve shoes online by visiting countless websites for online shoes shopping. Over at twelve15twenty, there is a wide options of women shoes that are ownable. Just to name a few, we offer pumps and heels, girls leather shoes and all of them come in various colours and designs. You will be attracted with so many different forms of footwear that you will be spoilt for choice. You may come across shoes in this website or other websites that you like, feel free to update with the group of ladies shoes lovers because we would love to listen from our buyers so we can be regularly keeping the fashion and delivering in your style of footwear. You can effortlessly get in touch with us through our social media tools or visit our online shoe shop. Be sure to observe a lookout for our approaching collections under sneak preview and be the main few to get a touch of our limited ranges of ladies shoes before they are promoted out.

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