How to Erase Hard Drive Data Permanently with [email protected] KillDisk

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  • October 2, 2012

When you delete data from a hard drive or other media, nothing is actually deleted securely unless you use powerful third-party software such as [email protected] KillDisk. Data which is deleted from a computer running Windows, for example, is placed in the Recycle Bin, allowing you to easily retrieve it at any time. However, even when you empty the Recycle Bin, the files and folders contained within it are not actually physically removed from the computer. The file system simply marks the previously occupied disk space as free space, allowing other data to overwrite it in the future. Until that happens, the data remains intact but invisible on the hard drive. Data recovery software can easily get it back in many cases, however. This is why, if you want to know how to properly erase hard drive data, you should use a tool like [email protected] KillDisk.

[email protected] KillDisk supports many different types of media including hard drives, external hard drives, USB pen drives and flash memory cards. It supports any storage device using the NTFS, FAT32/FAT16, exFAT, HFS+ and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4fs file systems. The latest version provides five powerful new features including parallel erasing of several disks. It supports not only Microsoft Windows, but Apple iMac and Linux file systems. A company logo can be easily included on an erase certificate and notifications may be sent via email from the program. [email protected] KillDisk boasts a completely overhauled user interface making it more user-friendly and improving functionality. Users with any level of experience will be able to use this software to its fullest potential straight out of the box. No steep learning curves are required.

If you need to know how to erase hard drive data, then [email protected] KillDisk is the perfect choice. It is also fast, reliable and efficient. It overwrites data a specified number of times, completely destroying the original data so that it will be completely impossible to ever retrieve it. This is very useful in cases where you have sensitive or financial information stored on a device and you want to securely get rid of it. If you are donating or selling your computer, it is a very good idea to ensure that you use secure data deletion software before the computer leaves your hands. It also displays deleted data before you delete it, so that you know exactly what you are removing. It also wipes out free disk clusters, file slack space and deleted master file table and boot records. A full report of the completed process is saved for your convenience. [email protected] KillDisk can be launched from a bootable USB drive or optical disk.

[email protected] KillDisk supports seventeen security standards, including custom User Defined methods, and a purchase includes a year of free product support and updates. The utility is also compact and easy to deploy. It is ideal for anyone from computer security experts to absolute novices who need to securely and safely erase hard drive data.

Find out more about [email protected] KillDisk at . Here you can learn more about how to erase hard drive data securely.

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