On the Spot Hiring!!! Come Be A Part Of Our Family…

Wanted to let you know is hiring so send all your referrals to me we pay for referring employees n we are massively hiring Customer Service, Translators, Marketing, Advertising, SEO, Proofreading Transcription, Editing, Convert Documents, Notary, content writers technical writers ebook content writers and more.

Any translation positions send resume to [email protected]
All other resumes send to [email protected]

We are hiring on the spot www.facebook/tamikanotsowitdadrama and when you arrive add me as a friend on fb n let me know why you are here so you can be interviewed on the spot using Skype my Skype if is mstee3477
Check on resumes in 5 business days at [email protected]

Shift Duties
• Sign in read updates
• Click box that states that updates have been read
• Sign in on your workspace area
• Read Email for both accounts
• Begin Work duties assigned
• Periodically check your email for incoming email during the day due to other services we offer such as call backs for info, call back for quotes & special orders
• Show up for the meeting on Mon (USA) Wed (OVERSEAS) during each week
• Mondays at 7pm CST meetings are for US staff members or Wednesdays at 1pm CST meetings for overseas employees. Those that don’t attend Monday’s meeting & try to attend Wednesday’s meeting will not be allowed in if overseas employees show up on Wed for the meeting. Thus, if they show up they will get the slot first as Wednesdays is dedicated to overseas staff members only. No exceptions will be made.

Careers Info Section for that page:
Benefits of working with GTA-LLC
• Work from home
• Save on gas
• Meet with your co-worker 4 times a year
• PAID every 2 weeks through Paypal Business ACCOUNT
• Access to your funds immediately on PAYDAY
• Spend more time with your family
Translation Certification
• Technical & grammatical fluency in a foreign language
• Degree earned domestically or abroad
• Experienced or currently employed in a technical or specialized field
• High speed internet
• Laptop
• Headset
• Typing 45 wpm
Service Rep/Sales
• Type 45 wpm
• Experience in a call center atmosphere
• Cross-selling similar products to customers inbound/outbound
• Answer inbound calls
• Respond to emails as well as chatroom inquiries within 5 min
• Work from home independently & report to your Supervisor
• Must have an Associate Degree or higher
• Must have 2 year of experience if you don’t have a degree or certification
• Type min 45 wpm
• Business Strategist expertise
• Global Marketing with min of 2 years of experience, a degree or certification
• Must have an Associate Degree or higher
• Must have 2 years of experience if you don’t have a degree or certification
• Business Strategist expertise
• Global Advertising with min of 2 years of experience
• Accreditation in respective background field
• Global Experience
• Local experience
• Global/Local experience is preferred due to the nature of this business
• Willing to stay on board min of 2 year for expansion
• Experience with Global Project Development for Buildings around the world
• Experience with Global Advertising Expansion Construction Building and Expansion
• Experience Construction Building Expansion

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