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Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Electric Golf Trolley Battery

Golf is a wonderful pastime that can be relaxing. It’s also a nice way to stay active without overexerting yourself while also getting a healthy dose of sunshine. While avid golfers enjoy the sport, getting from one end of the course to the next can quickly get tiring and take its toll on your body. Some players might opt to rent a golf cart, but for some, that can get too expensive, fast.

A great and affordable alternative is the electric golf trolley. While they are cheaper and less hassle than a golf cart, a battery golf trolley also needs proper care and maintenance to ensure its battery doesn’t degrade too soon. If you’ve been neglecting your electric trolley, here are a few easy ways to preserve its battery:

Tip 1: Avoid Over Charging

Continuously overcharging the batteries will result in premature damage that may eventually lead to an acid leak. Once the batteries leak, it can render the entire trolley useless. A good way to avoid overcharging is to purchase an automatic charger which turns off by itself once the battery is full.

As for manual battery chargers, the best way to avoid overcharging is to set an alarm and unplug the charger once full. This requires extra effort, but doing so will ensure the battery will last longer.

Tip 2: Invest In A High-Quality Charger

Speaking for chargers, if the charger that came with the battery golf trolley is no longer working, make sure to replace it with the right kind. Don’t go cheap and purchase a fake charger as this will do more damage to the battery than help. In fact, using the wrong charger or a fake version can lead to the battery exploding, which is a problem every golfer should avoid.

Tip 3: Switch Off All Accessories When Not In Use

When the trolley is parked, make sure to switch off all the accessories it comes with just to save some energy. Keeping electronic accessories such as the radio, lights, and other bells and whistles that come with the trolley on for an extended period will drain its battery faster and may also cause the battery to overheat.

Since no one wants to carry their golf trolley after a good game of golf, it’s best to only use the trolley and its accessories when it is necessary.

Tip 4: Use Trolley Correctly

All trolleys come with an instruction manual that unfortunately most users will not bother to read. This is the fastest way to inflict damage on the trolley and its battery. As a quick recap, remember to avoid overusing the trolley by pushing it on very steep hills when it is already struggling. Also, remember to avoid overloading the trolley with unnecessary items.

A trolley has a maximum weight capacity, it is best to stay well below the limit to reduce the stress on the battery. To know how much your electric golf trolley can carry, read the manual before loading it up with all your favorite golf clubs and snacks.

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