Online Freelance Writers Are As Good As The Ones You Will Find Offline

It is rather queer that there are so many people out there who all live with the notion that the platform on which freelance writers are hired makes a major difference in terms of the quality of output which these individuals deliver.
This is simply not true at all.
Rather as we have seen so often, freelancers can be just as good or bad, irrespective of the platform on which they have first been identified and eventually hired over.
So the point that we are trying to emphasize upon over here is that you take one freelancer whom you have spotted on a freelance website and another whom you have sourced from a personal contact of yours – one who lives round the corner from your home, there is little which can necessarily differentiate the two in terms of the quality of work which they deliver.
In fact, in the case of the former – where you have located a freelancer online, even if that individual happens to be located in an entirely different geography and time zone – perhaps a different country or continent altogether, you will still find that it would have little bearing in terms of the actual quality of output.
For instance, if we take the entire phenomenon of outsourcing, we notice that a large chunk of it takes place in terms of work being outsourced from the United States to India, a geography which is in an entirely different geography and time zone. Yet, often, the end clients can barely notice any difference in quality of output, from say working with local vendors. In fact unless they are told, they would not even know that it was an Indian entity which worked on the outsourced assignment!
Against such a backdrop, it is imperative that you bear in mind the fact that geographical location or position really has very little to do with quality of output. Likewise, the platform on which freelance writers are identified also has no bearing at all on the extent to which quality output is delivered.
Therefore, go ahead and hire freelance writers, no matter online or offline. Just remember to double check their credentials and always be skeptical about hiring complete newbies, i.e. those freelancers with no credentials or feedback to showcase from other clients.
Agreed that everyone has to start somewhere – at some point in time as a complete novice, but why take a chance, unless you know that freelancer personally?

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