Killer Headlines – HOOK Their Attention And Draw Them In

Arguably headlines are the most important part of your sales letter. You can have the best copy, the best product, and the best sales system and if nobody ever reads it you’ll never sell a single thing.
Headlines are meant to do three things:
1. Grab your intended reader’s full attention
2. Suck your prospect into the ad
3. Make them want to read the next sentence/paragraph.
Note point one says intended. Not everyone is your audience. You don’t want everyone to be your audience. That field is too broad. You need to have a smaller field so you can target the people who actually want and need your product.
Weight loss is a billion dollar industry in today’s world. So let’s say that you are selling something related to weight loss.
You try a headline like this:
Secrets your doctor doesn’t know to tell you.
With this headline you’ll likely get some looks, but it doesn’t tell them what kind of secrets they are. Someone with weight loss may just pass it over without even taking a look.
Now consider this:
Discover secrets that your doctor doesn’t know that can lead to MAJOR weight loss.
See the difference? This headline speaks to your audience. It polarizes them to take a look at something they never would have before. They are interested in losing weight.
The best headlines combine Speaking to their intended audience with a killer hook and throw in curiosity to suck the reader in.
Finding your hook can be one of the most difficult parts of doing all of this. So often people can’t see the forest because of the trees around them. When you’re in the center of everything, you’ve heard the story so often that it doesn’t really matter anymore. Maybe you are the story.
So how do you go about finding the most amazing hook?
Make sure you go back and review the story.
· Who came up with the idea?
· How did it come about?
· What’s their story?
You’ve seen the ads ‘Discover how unemployed single mom of three went from broke to making $275,483.57 in 3 months.’
This ad tells you WHO did this and their STORY in 14 words. Many desperate broke people there is will see this and think:
How did she do that?
If SHE can do it with no money and 3 kids, why not me?
They click on the ad and scan the page.
You know you’ve found your hook when you say “What? Back up and say that again.”

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