3 Ways To Earn $100 A Day Writing Articles (Fast, Fun And 100% Free)

Q: Is it possible to earn $100 a day writing articles? Can article marketing or content creation really lead to a significant daily income, or is that wishful thinking and too good to be true? What is the EASIEST way to start earning money with article marketing today, especially if I don’t have a lot of technical know how or a big budget to blow? Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article, we’re going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe are the absolute BEST ways to turn your content into cash… without needing a whole bunch of gimmicks, gadgets or gurus to help you find your way. Curious to know more? Let’s take a closer look below!
Filed Under: The Mercenary Marketing Model
This is IDEAL for content creators, and getting to $100 a day is super simple. All you need is a 99 cent domain name, a good affiliate offer, and copious amounts of content!
What will you do? Simply create content (much like THIS article) and forward those who want to learn more directly to the affiliate vendor you’ve picked using the 99 domain you’ve registered to promote the product.
Simply stated, you want to pick high paying affiliate offers (with EPC figures of 80 or above) and simply write enough content that the amount of visitors who visit your affiliate page on a daily basis gets you your goal. (in high volume markets, an EPC of $100, only requires 100 new visitors a day, which you should be able to do within a weeks time, totally from scratch)
Filed Under: The Content For Cash Model
Simply stated, sell your content. It’s that easy. Find online entrepreneurs who NEED content in whatever niches they publish in, and offer to create it for them in return for compensation. The truth is, you can get 15-25 dollars per 500 word article in many, many markets… ESPECIALLY local ones. (advertise on Craigslist and and you’ll find all of the buyers you need, from real estate, legal, medical and otherwise) You can quite literally work a few hours a day and hit your income goal super quickly… and then build a whole content creation business as you go and grow, where you can outsource the writing and focus on marketing yourself!)
Write 5 articles a day at $20 per piece, and you’ve hit your income goal in 2-3 hours of work, with ease. (don’t over think it… I’ve written 4 articles an HOUR for years to promote my own business, and with discipline, so TOO can you)
Filed Under: The Coaching Model (Turn your CONTENT into a Community!)
This is the model that I use, love and recommend… and it’s the best long term way to build your brand, your blog, your business and your bank account to boot! Simply stated, you want to turn your content (articles like this one) into a community of fans, friends, followers and people who will help spread your marketing message around the web. You do that, simply by encouraging your article readers who want to learn more, to sign up and subscribe for your email list, and you follow up with them in a sequential and strategic way thereafter. The truth is, relationship marketing is the REAL secret to getting rich online, and I don’t mean just monetarily.
This model is much more about the MATH than it is the marketing, and you’ll need to tweak what you offer to find the right success formula, but getting to the $100 a day mark is EASY when you sell personal services, coaching, consulting, teaching, training and so on.
If you have PASSION and purpose and a true desire to empower people in an area that you are strong, real richness awaits.
Remember… richness for those who value contribution as well as cash, and progress as much as profit… and TRULY want to make people BETTER to boot. There is NO better marketing model than this, and writing articles is a GREAT way to start, 100% from scratch!

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