How To Get An Attractive, Smokey Eye

Seen across the runway, an evening in the neighborhood, or just hanging out with friends, the smokey eye is an elegant as well as a stylish look that any girl could achieve. I’ll tell you how you can do it, exactly what you’ll need to have, and the most effective hues combination to favour your eyes. Now it’s a simple effect that you could do like a an expert by using make-up brushes.
First, you’re going to use the right tools for the job: a makeup brush kit! Believe it or not, not all brushes are designed alike, and each brush has a specific usage. Be sure that your brushes are cleansed. If not, you will likely get a smudged look that will most likely not blend very well. A domed eyeshadow brush (curved at the top), q-tips, and any variety of big brush to blend will definitely do incredibly well!
Secondly, you should figure out exactly what make-up to apply! You are going to need an eye shadow, eye liner as well as a mascara. A usual smokey eye uses three colour options of eye shadow, typically in the black and grey line, by using one tone being the darkest, the next a neutral, and a light tone. Such as, grey shadow for your darkest tone, a medium grey, and silver for blending. These are exact smokey eye colours anyone could achieve with black eye liner and a black mascara. If your eyes are blue, go for colours in the brown line. If your eyes are brown, you can easily match with various other colours: green, purple, blue, you name it!
Now the enjoyable part: putting on your make-up! Your initial step is taking the lightest of your three shadows and spreading it, right under your brows and completely throughout by using your domed brush from your make-up brush kit. After that, take your lightest tint again, and apply it to the inside area or your top and lower lids. Your middle tone should just be sweep over the other parts of your eyelid, making sure that your shades are blending all together. Don’t add this tone past your eyelid and into the eyebrow spot. Then, get your darkest shadow and apply from the centre part between your eyelid and eyebrow, and then sweep the brush in a C to the outside area of your eye. Blend, blend, blend the three tints all together! Now, take your eyeliner and apply thickly just above your lid line, and blend to produce a smudged look. Finish your eyes off with mascara.
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So there! I wish you enjoy trying out your make-up and being striking with your new look!

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