How To Write Articles For Email Marketing

Articles are indeed very useful to internet marketers. You can use them to generate traffic for your website, to build and boost the number of your inbound links, and to showcase your expertise in your niche.
Aside from this, you can also use your articles for your email marketing campaign so you can easily keep in touch with your prospects and later on, build a stronger business relationship with them.
Here’s how you can write great articles for your email marketing campaign:
1. Choose interesting, useful topics. Do your research when choosing the topics that you’re going to discuss on your articles. As you would want all your recipients to open and read your content, you need to discuss something that they’ll find worthy their time. Research the common topics or subjects they talk about on forums and online communities and see if you can cover them on your articles. As much as possible, go with topics that are timely or controversial to boost your open rate.
2. Use a powerful headline. Always give your recipients valid reason to open your email by making your headline enticing and downright promising. You can make your headline descriptive, benefit-driven, or better yet, thought provoking. Make use of powerful words and as much as possible, try to hit your prospects’ emotional hot buttons.
3. Start with a bang. You cannot afford to make your introduction sound lousy. As you would want your recipients to read your articles until the end, your first paragraph must be captivating so you can get your readers at the edge of their seats. Tell them ahead of time the kind of information that awaits them or ask them burning questions to keep them interested.
4. Offer in-depth information. Your readers will not be impressed if your articles contain nothing but general info and fluffs. It’s better if you commit yourself to making sure that these people will walk away with increased knowledge on your chosen topic. Offer as much in-depth information as possible. When needed, offer expert tips, trade secrets, and insider tips. Through this, you’ll be able to prove to these people that you’re really an authority in your niche and that you deserve their trust and respect.
5. Keep it short. There’s no need to write lengthy articles for your email marketing campaign as the audience you’re serving can be very impatient. These people will appreciate you more if you give them exactly what they’re looking for ASAP. So, avoid beating around the bush and find ways on how you can communicate your thoughts and ideas using 400-500 words.
6. Send your recipients to your website or blog. Include the links of your blog and website at the end of your articles. Present them as good resource materials that these people can check out to get more information related to the topics that you’ve discussed. After sending at least 5 articles to your potential clients, you can go ahead and talk about your products and services.

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