The Timeless Secret To Creating Bestselling Niche Non-Fiction

It is quite an achievement when a niche non-fiction book remains consistently at the top of the bestseller lists for a period spanning six months; an achievement that is all the more difficult to fathom when you consider that the subject matter has nothing to do with sex, drugs, rock and roll or the like; subject matter that might even be regarded as mundane in the extreme.
What is the secret?
What drives a book with a commonplace topic to the top of the lists and keeps it there for months on end?
What causes it to attract mass appeal within its prescribed niche?
It must be best of its kind but even that is not enough to create a No. 1 bestseller that stays the course.
You need more, much more, and it comes in the shape of a timeless but little-known secret of which 99.9 percent of writers are completely unaware.
Only a handful of established authors use it, either consciously or subconsciously.
And yet this timeless secret is freely available to every writer, every would-be published author, if only they knew how to access it.
It is simplicity personified, it is perceived wisdom handed down through the ages to a fortunate few; it is the concealed catalyst that creates bestsellers.
Let me give you an example of its incredible power…
The book to which I specifically refer in the opening paragraph is one of my own, a book that clearly identifies with a traditional, rapidly growing global mass market – but a market that is already on the brink of saturation.
“Your Retirement Masterplan” (How To Books ISBN 1857039874) was first published in October 2004, reached the No.1 spot out of 3326 competitive titles on within days, dipped in time to No.3, then hovered in the top ten for the next six months.
Thereafter it reclaimed the No.1 spot and has retained it consistently ever since.
This incredible staying power persuaded the publisher to forge ahead on a 2nd upgraded, cosmetically enhanced edition which will hit bookstores world wide in February 2006.
That will sustain the momentum but only temporarily because it will be broken when my latest book “How To Earn Money In Retirement” (How To Books ISBN 1845281128) is released in April 2006 and knocks its predecessor off the No.1 spot for the keyword ‘retirement’ on
I tell you this not to impress but to provide positive proof of the remarkable influence of the little-known secret that creates bestselling books; an influence that spills over from topping bestselling lists online to generating massive sales offline in bookstores all over the world.
Have you guessed what the secret is?
I doubt you have guessed right but when you do discover it you will know what you must do FIRST to create a guaranteed bestseller BEFORE you write a single word…
You can uncover the timeless secret by visiting the website featured in the resource box below.

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