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Spirit Talk With Leonard J. Mountain Chief Blackfeet Elder Northwest Montana

Spirit Talk with Leonard J Mountain Chief by Jay North
For One Globe Press
As an eight-year-old boy, Jay North read about the native people in Montana and always believed his dreams would lead him there one day. But it was not until 1990 that Jay and his late wife Pamela were able to retire from the organic farming business and make the life-changing move to the Big Sky country of Jay’s dreams.
Jay met Leonard J. Mountain Chief in Kalispell one day in 1990, and from their first meeting a strong bond was made, which continued until Leonard’s passing in 1999 and beyond.

Open Spaces: My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet Elder from Northwestern Montana has been a popular column, in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet, for over a year. Now the most popular articles have been published in book format.

Open Spaces: My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet Elder from Northwestern Montana is 210 pages of wisdom from a great Native American who was charged with passing his heritage, both orally and in traditions of times many believe are long gone, to the younger members of the tribe. The book is complete with over 60 wonderful photographs of northwest Montana.

This story is now told by one of the few white men adopted into the tribe. Learn the ancient rituals, ceremonies, traditions and cultures of a real tribe that is still in existence today and offers exciting insight for the people of the future, through Jay’s spirit talk with Leonard.

The Nature of Manifestation
Time! In my sorrow thou creepiest; in my joy thou runniest; in the hours of my patient waiting thou stands still.
As there is a season for everything, as there is a fixed time for nature to manifest, so there is a season for every happening. Good luck, bad luck, rise, fall, health, illness, success, and failure, all depend upon a certain time. There is a time for every season as well as for every experience; and as there is a time for birth so there is a time for death. Every thought, every action, and every condition has a birth and death, and each has a fixed time. And when one has become convinced of the fact that every happening is brought about by time and is fixed at a certain time, then naturally one develops faith, and then one believes that what is not realized today will be realized tomorrow, some day.

The great drawback we find in humanity today is its lack of patience: if people can accomplish something at once then it is all right, but if not then they think that it cannot be done. Only if anything can be done quickly can it be done; if it cannot be done as quickly as one expects this means that it cannot be done at all. There are thousands of people today who already accept failure before failure becomes apparent, because they have no patience to wait for success to come. Although success may be preparing, yet they are in such haste that they would rather turn the success into a failure than wait for it; the reason is that this mystery, which is the mystery of the Shamans–that everything depends upon a certain time–is forgotten by most people.

Time uses conditions to bring about certain results; and very often a seemingly bad condition is preparing a good issue, and a seemingly good condition may be preparing a bad result. Frequently, therefore, a person who depends only upon objective phenomena makes a mistake is deluded. The mystic sees in both adverse and favorable conditions that which is going to happen. He does this by believing in the action of time and space, and by believing that there is no such thing as coincidence or accident. It is only because we are unaware of where an action has started, of what has brought it about, and of what is preparing, that we call something a coincidence or an accident; in reality there is no such thing. Every happening, whether it comes by our will or by a higher will, is prepared, is directed by wisdom. If it is not directed by our individual will, it is directed by a greater wisdom, and it brings about a greater result. The Shaman therefore awaits that result which is brought about by time and space through different conditions.

For information on purchasing the book Open Spaces, visit Jay’s website
, see Jay’s books page to learn about this fascinating story- and how a culture that we consider long gone manages to survive the Western civilization of today. Beyond the smoking of the pipe, sweat lodges and real tee pees, you will learn the true way of life of this culture in a way you never dreamed possible.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Open Spaces is donated to the Blackfeet Indian Food Bank, download your copy today.

Jay North is a pioneer in the organic farming industry and a healing practitioner lover of nature and the native way. He authored Open Spaces; My life With Leonard. J. Mountain Chief, as a means of sharing his philosophy of renewal and self-sustained living in the Naive way. For more information on Open Spaces and Jay’s other books and ordering, please visit Jay’s books page at Jay is an internationally recognized authority in Native matters Contact Jay also on his websites, or
And please purchase Open Spaces, you will be glad you did.


Spirit Talk with Leonard J Mountain Chief by Jay North
For One Globe Press
As an eight-year-old boy, Jay North read about the native people in Montana

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