Conversion Between Units of Measurement is Effortless, Free

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  • Marzo 26, 2009

The Internet is exploding, with new scientific discoveries, new research projects, and new developments in every field. With this new knowledge comes the need to convert units of measurement from one system to another. Now, there’s a free online conversion site that makes it easier to understand all of this information, by providing instant conversions between units of measurement.

Baltsoft Software has launched Convert Center – – a free web site that lets you make instant conversions from one unit of measurement to another. Unlike simple conversion programs that let you transform numbers between a few dozen different measurements, Convert Center has hundreds of measurements, from the common to the obscure.

You can instantly convert units of acceleration, angles, area, data storage, density, energy, force, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, or weight. Simply highlight the unit of measurement in the “from” column, and the unit in the “to” column that you wish to convert into. The web site immediately displays the conversion factor on your screen.

Many of the units of measure have additional information describing them. You can mouse-over to read a brief description, or click your mouse button to read a comprehensive explanation.

If there are conversions that you will be doing on a regular basis, it’s easy to create bookmarks for them. For example, if you need to convert between feet and meters from time to time, you can highlight feet in the “from” column, and meters in the “to” column. The web page displays the exact URL that will bring you back to that particular conversion, so there would be no need to find and highlight these units during future conversions.

In Convert Center’s Advanced Mode, you can display a web page that shows all possible conversions for a particular unit of measurement. For example, you can choose the mkono, the traditional unit of distance in East Africa, equal to 45.72 centimeters. On a long, scrollable page, you can see that one mkono is the equivalent of 0.7283734 Danish alens, 0.2410757 Austrian faden, 1.5 feet, and several hundred other lengths from around the globe.

You can convert gnat’s eyes to cubits, or use Convert Center in much more practical ways. Find out how cold it really was when your friends on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean tell you their air temperature in Celsius, and you think in terms of Fahrenheit. Easily convert new recipes into the units of measurement that you’re familiar with.

Whether you’re a student or researcher who needs to make effortless conversions between a wide range of units of measurement, a home user who needs to convert values from time to time, or a business person who needs to make proposals that will be understandable to people in other cultures, Convert Center provides instant measurement conversions.

The Convert Center web site is available to all, without charge. For more information, visit

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