Repair and Diagnose Your Computer with [email protected] LiveCD 5 .

When your computer runs into a problem that leaves you unable to boot up into the operating system, your options for recovering data or repairing the machine are limited. While you may sometimes be able to boot up from a special boot disk or recover data by transferring the hard drive to another machine, these methods are not always practical. That’s why there is no better way to repair and maintain your computer than by using a fully self-contained operating environment that works independently of the operating system. That’s exactly where [email protected] LiveCD 5 comes in, but it also does a great deal more than just provide data recovery features. As a standalone operating system that can be booted up directly from an optical drive or external USB storage device, it offers functionality on a level that you probably never expected.

Manage and Recover Your Data and Partitions with Ease

[email protected] LiveCD 5 uses all the latest graphical utilities from KDE 5, one of the most popular Linux interface distributions. Thanks to the fully graphical user interface, there’s no need to make do with simple commands as used to be the case when working with systems like DOS. Instead, you can enjoy using your computer as normal with a familiar and user-friendly operating environment. This makes recovering data and diagnosing problems a great deal easier.

The latest version of the popular software suite also comes with [email protected] UNDELETE 12 and [email protected] Partition Recovery 16. With [email protected] UNDELETE, you can recover deleted data that has been removed from the Recycle Bin. This works due to the fact that the data does not actually disappear from the drive until something else overwrites the original content. Furthermore, it is much safer to do this from a self-contained boot environment, even if your everyday operating system is working perfectly. That’s because it won’t be necessary to make any changes to the system hard drive, which may overwrite the original data. Similarly, [email protected] Partition Recovery provides the facility to recover and manage entire hard drive partitions safely. Another useful feature is the included [email protected] Password Recovery 16, which allows you to recover forgotten passwords and reset access to your computer.

Perhaps, however, your goal is to protect your data by deleting it as such that no one will ever be able to get it back. This is especially important if you are planning to sell, donate or dispose of your old computer or hard drive. To ensure that no data stored within will ever be recoverable, you can use the included [email protected] KillDisk 11 to overwrite the entire disk multiple times with zeros. This zero-filling method will sanitize the disk thoroughly as per industry and government security standards. This is also preferable to physical destruction, since it will still be possible to reuse the drive.

[email protected] LiveCD 5 ships with many new features and refinements, including the latest version of all the aforementioned tools. It also includes [email protected] Disk Editor 7, and the new Linux archive also comes with an installer to make initial setup easier. Partition Recovery now supports LVM and dynamic volumes too. To find out more, point your browser to

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